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County Health Groups Oppose Smoking Ban

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County Health Groups Oppose Smoking Ban

County Health Groups Oppose Smoking Ban

On August 25, 2009 the council of St. Louis County passed an ordinance to prohibit smoking in various places within the county. The bill got voted by 4-3 from the members of the council. However the three health groups namely, American Lung Association, American Heart Association and American Cancer Society pledged in front of Charlie Dooley, the Executive of the County for lifting this ban on smoking.

Apart from forwarding the request to reject the regulation, American Cancer Society stated that the ordinance is faulty and is spending money on a radio broadcasting program in opposition to the legislation. As per the remarks of the officials of the organization, a review of the bill is utmost necessary in order to eliminate the existing errors and draft a flawless bill.

The bill that was accepted by the members of the council has the authority to put a ban on smoking at several indoor public areas. However, it doesn't put ban on smoking on the following places:

  • Smoking lounges
  • Casinos
  • Pubs
  • St. Louis International Airport

The bars and the drinking salons that earn profit around 75% and above by selling alcoholic drinks.

As per the health groups, this empowers the owners of the pubs, casinos and salons to get an official consent from the administrative department of the county to permit smoking in their business establishments. That means they receive the legal right to spoil the health condition of their workers and customers. This is the major fault of the current bill.

However, Council executive Dooley haven't confirmed that whether he will be rejecting the ordinance or not. But from a long time onwards Dooley was in favor of putting a ban on smoking throughout the state. The 3 health groups are however in favor of putting a ban on enclosed public areas, but as per them the current bill puts an unfair enforcement on smoking. They have strictly stated that they are not in favor of smoking but they do not support unfair judgments that are being presently put forward by the bill.

Still the ultimate fate of the bill awaits a final election that will be held on November 3, 2009. The results of the election will decide that whether the same bill will be implemented or the Council members will have to formulate a newly revised bill.

The health groups are of the opinion that the County council must devise the no-smoking ordinance in such a way so that it protects the people and the workers from passive smoking and enforce a ban on smoking righteously, in a way that will be acceptable for many. Presently, a majority of the residents of St. Louis County are supporting the views and plea of the health groups and are raising their voices for a smoke-free environment, achieved through decent means.

Ballwin, Arnold and Missouri have their own types of no-smoking regulations. The St. Louis city promised to put a ban on smoking only if the St. Louis County considers a no-smoking ordinance. Wildwood City and Kirkwood City are also on their way to adopt similar ordinances by this year 2009. The three health groups expect that the county too will receive a fair ordinance to announce a ban on smoking.


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