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Deer-Vehicle Collisions are Life Threatening and Expensive

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Deer-Vehicle Collisions are Life Threatening and Expensive

Deer-Vehicle Collisions are Life Threatening and Expensive

Deer-vehicle collision is the most unpredictable and life-threatening experience that many of the motorists have already experienced while driving on the American roadways. Deer are the reason for most of the animal-related accidents, injuries as well as deaths that take place on the highways of the country. According to the figures produced by National Safety Council; in 2003, there were almost half of a million animal-vehicle accidents bringing about 10,000 injuries and 100 demises. Average vehicle damage cost for every insurance claim was USD 2,800; while, the amount moved up to USD 10,000.1 in case of injuries.

Animal-related collisions, especially deer/vehicle collisions have become a serious matter of concern, for the motorists. And, urban slump worsens the condition, even more. The drivers should be much careful particularly during fall season.

Some useful tips are given below for the motorists to avoid a collision with a deer:

  • Be very much cautious while driving during the hours immediately after and before the sunset and sunrise. These are the peak times for deer. They are more dynamic in these times.
  • Be attentive while being in a deer-crossing area. Deer are so unpredictable and reckless; hence you should be alert when you're in such a zone.
  • Deer generally move in group. Hence, be aware when you see one; may be there are more in the neighborhood.
  • Utilize high-beam headlights especially during night to illuminate deer.
  • Push the brakes firmly, if you notice a deer close to your car. Don't ever try to swing over to avoid a deer; because it may direct you to an accident with another vehicle or loss your control. Moreover, it can make the deer puzzled about where to sprint.
  • In such a situation; slow down the pace of your vehicle. Blow the horn constantly to terrify the deer.
  • Don't forget to tie your seatbelt, since it would help you to stay away from injury. The report cited by The Insurance Information Institute also has revealed the fact that most of the injuries occur due to the negligence of the drivers as well as the passengers as they forget to tie their seatbelts.
  • If your car hits a deer; don't assume the animal to be death. Better, you consider it as a wounded animal that can attack you anytime with its hooves. You are always suggested to get your vehicle off and inform police about the accident.

If you ever experience a car collision; whether it is with a deer or anything else, you should at all times contact the police. You should also have trouble-free access to your insurance proofs & documents along with the vehicle registration. You can do the job of assembling all the important credentials in one place, easily and efficiently; with Auto Glove Box Organizer from Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Auto Glove Box Organizer helps you providing important and essential information regarding what measures you should follow, if experience an accident. The organizer also comprises useful data about what items you should always keep in your respective vehicle. A place for recording accident information included of names and phone numbers of other motorists and witnesses that were present during the accident or involved in it.

If you like to grab an Auto Glove Box Organizer at absolutely free of cost; you can contact a Farm Bureau agent in your community.

Farm Bureau Financial Services is one of the leading financial and insurance services providers of the country that operates its business through several affiliated companies. By means of an exclusive and competent agent troop, these associated companies endorse and promote as well as issue an extensive selection of financial products that include annuities, life insurance and property/casualty insurance products to the end users as well as small business organizations, within its distribution zone. The company is headquartered at West Des Moines, Iowa. Services offered by Farm Bureau Financial Services are available in 15 states of the country. For more information regarding the products and services offered by Farm Bureau Financial Services; you can visit the company's official website, Or, you can also contact local Farm Bureau office.

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