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Deficiency of Health Reform Proves Expensive to US

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Deficiency of Health Reform Proves Expensive to US

Deficiency of Health Reform Proves Expensive to US

It has now been proved as a result of different surveys and researches, that health care in United States has become much expensive to afford and that too because of the deficiency of health reform. This has led to an increase in the rate of uninsured, excessive rise in health care costs and insurance premiums and lack of proper care. This article enumerates the scene.

The health care condition of the United States is in a terrible condition. From the time of the Clinton administration till the present date, the issue of the modification of health care system is still a pending case. From the year 1994 till the year 2007, the rate of uninsured citizens of the country has grown to nearly 9 million, among which 96,000 people alone, are from the state of Indiana.

A not-for-profit health care survey body called the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, situated at Princeton in New Jersey conducted a research and released the report later this March 2009, which reveals that those citizens who have health insurance coverage, are spending more money onto it.

In the year 2006, the cost of premiums for the employer-offered family health insurance coverage approximated to around $11,454 in the state of Indiana, the cost that leaped to 80% from the year 1996. The recruiter's allocation for that premium was $2,685 for the year 2006. This indicated an increase by 87% from the year 1996.

From the middle of the 90's, the average earning in the state of Indiana has increase to about 12%.

Health care is inevitably connected with the financial strength of the United States. This is as per the idea of the Director of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Group; John Lumpkin, who also stressed the need to reform health care in order to prevent further devastation and economic slowdown.

It is felt that if the health care system of the country is not modified currently, then it will consume more money from the savings of the people including their families. In addition to this, it will also cease the creation and implementation of solutions to this problem in the later years.

Although many people support immediate health care reform for the country, but however, there is huge argument regarding the exact way for the execution of the reform procedure.

The Director of Indiana University's Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research; Dr. Aaron Carroll, urges for the provision of a individual paying procedure like Medicare and the other health care coverage programs. Carroll strictly voted against copayments as it increases more financial pressure on the people, leading to further economic paralysis.

Even many people advocated for enforcing strict laws on profit making private health insurance organizations, so that they cannot derive excess sum of payments from the customers, on any pretexts.

Many health insurance providers fix an unimaginable high price on the premiums thus making coverage unaffordable for many. Such a power of these companies needs to be curbed.

The chief clinical administrator of WellPoint, one of the health benefits management companies of Indianapolis; Dr. Samuel Nussbaum claims that the rise in the rate of premiums is because of the growth in health care costs, due to the advent of high-tech technology and increased expenses for the treatment of chronic illness. The rest of the expenses are because of the management and profit charges.

Dr. Nussbaum also remarked that the health care renovation program should stress on developing public health with the aid of different fitness programs and through quality care and treatment services for chronic illness.


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