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Driver Education to avoid Deer-Vehicle collisions

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Driver Education to avoid Deer-Vehicle collisions

Driver Education to avoid Deer-Vehicle collisions

For the motorists, it often becomes hectic and life-threatening job of driving on America's roadways. Increasing rate of deer collision has really become a serious matter to concern. Very few of the American Insurance companies deal in dear collision claims. Erie Insurance is one of the leading insurers that trail in claims for deer collision as well as helps the policyholders by providing important information and news regarding this costly and severe reality. According to the rate analyst of Erie Insurance, Mr. Darrin Bartciel; the company has been dealing in this matter since 1999. Erie Insurance emphasizes on how to decrease the rate of collision in order to keep the motorists safe and protected, by reviewing the latest as well as previous data in view of severity, location, frequency and total costs.

After accumulating and evaluating claims information, Erie Insurance has exposed the fact that 1% of the total numbers of motorists, nationwide is prone in having an accident with a deer. According to the statistics produced by Insurance Institute of Highway Safety; as of 2006, buck-vehicle mishaps chalked up USD 1.1 billion in possessions damages, one in every hundred of injuries and almost 200 deaths each year. According to Mr. Birtciel, only diminishing collisions can put off these damages and protect hundreds of lives as well as manage the insurance outlays.

Erie Insurance has been working since last 8 years to resist the tendency of deer/motor crashes. It has been possessively trying to alert policyholders as well as common people about the seriousness of this disaster by providing information and making cautionary statements about where and when they are most prone to happen and how one can keep away from such disasters, as well. The company shares important advisory guidelines with its policyholders through policyholder journals; while making general public alert through press releases and partnerships with so many government as well as private organizations. It has also declared such information publicly through nationwide media. The information is available on its official website, too. Self-governing agents belong to the countrywide network of ERIE are also working to deliver the message to their clients along with their entire local communities.

On the basis of the persistent declining tendency of dear/vehicle collision claims made by the policyholders of Erie Insurance; it can be said that the consciousness campaign conducted by the merchant is actually working. By every consequent year the numbers of claims are getting reduced.

In 2005, the company watched a 6% decline in the rate of dear/car collision and it was the fourth year that the intensity of the deer claim got reduced and 2nd year that the figures got declined. The percentage kept on increasing by each and every year. As of 2005, Erie Insurance provided and approved claims for 10 dear collisions for each thousand vehicle.

Although, Erie Insurance observed a nationwide significant reduction in the number of deer collision claims all through the peak months, but still deer cause a severe and constant risk to the motorists. For this irresistible disaster; the company made a loss of $54.6 million in Erie's distribution area in 2005; while the average expenditure of a deer collision claim augmented by 4%.

Mr. Birtciel also has mentioned in his statement that there are some routes where the drivers would face deer collisions, more than other routes. In that case, they should be much careful while driving through those routes. He specially made appeal to the drivers who have already opted for a claim, to be much cautious.

Though, the deer/car collision is an unavoidable calamity, but Erie Insurance Company is putting its best efforts to endorse its clients as well as general people to be much careful and take further watchfulness in order to avoid collisions with deer as well as other animals. The merchant also emphasized on the fact that defensive and watchful driving would be the best way to prevent these disasters. Head of the claims department of Erie Insurance has urged to the drivers to keep their eyes on the highway especially during the peak months of October, November and December, when the collisions generally and mostly happen.

Erie Insurance requests the drivers to keep in mind the following particulars regarding deer/vehicle collisions:

  • Along with rural roads near forest areas; deer are also found on highways nearer to cities
  • Deer are impulsive and unpredictable, particularly when they face dazzling headlights, high speed cars, and blowing horns
  • Since deer normally travel in groups, so be alert when you notice one. Because of there would be more in the environs

To stay away from a collision with deer; the drivers should follow the driving guidelines and preventive actions:

  • Be always alert, conscious and somber. Don't forget to tie a seatbelt and always drive at a reasonable and harmless pace for conditions. Calculatingly observe the deer, especially when driving during times the collision more likely to occur.
  • Peak times are the periods almost immediately after and before sunrise and from sunset to mid of the night.
  • While moving at night in a car, always try to make use of high-beam headlights; as generally there is no reverse traffic, then. Although, the head-beam lights not necessarily scare deer but it can be used for revealing the animal. Try to notice the reflection of eyes and shadows of deer.
  • Do not completely depend on tools like deer fences, reflectors and deer whistles. They are not always good devices to efficiently put off deer.
  • Deer are reckless and fickle, mostly when they faced vehicles in high speed, dazzling headlights and blowing horns. Habitually they stand in mid of the way while crossing the road or come back. In this situation, instead relying on your assumption; slow down the speed of your car and deliberately blow horn to let the deer move away from your way and set the road free for you.
  • Because of, deer normally pass through in cluster, so be attentive when you can see one; there would be other in the surroundings.
  • Push the brake of your vehicle strongly if you watch a deer on your way and wait on your lane without changing it. Swinging over to pass up a deer collision would lead you towards a collision with another car and thus a serious accident may occur. So don't ever try to do this.
  • If you hit an animal; don't predict it to be dead. Consider the animal as an injured animal that at any moment can hurt you with its pointed hooves.
  • You should always inform to the Game Commission or a neighboring law enforcement office, if you have watched a deer to block the road and creates danger to the travelers.

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