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Fairs educate immigrant citizens on health care

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Fairs educate immigrant citizens on health care

Fairs educate immigrant citizens on health care

Fairs are being organized in order to educate and inform the immigrants on the health care system of the country. These people are of different nationalities and often get perplexed about opting for the right insurance, seeking assistance for health care services, understanding various intricacies of the health care system of US etc. These fairs are thus an initiative to eradicate such confusions and also to develop a healthy community. This article explains this fact along with enumerating about other features and requirements for organizing such fairs.

The importance of health care and having health insurance coverage is now being made understood to all the immigrants, who have migrated to United States for educational, professional or for personal reasons from across different countries of the globe.

The Pimmit Hills High School, a substitutive school for the new immigrant citizens of the age group of 19 years and 25 years organizes the yearly fair in order to educate and notify the students about health care. Most of these students and young adults are married and have children. They would be informed about free or inexpensive health insurance alternatives, which are accessible to the region's increasing immigrant communities. The fair includes various provisions like blood pressure checkup booths, nutrition centers, vision van, health care policy providers and many others.

The Vice Principal of Pimmit Hills; Bud Mayo, has claimed that one of the prime objectives behind organizing this fair is not only to inform about health care, but, also to clarify the doubts regarding availing health care options, that generally crops up in the minds of the immigrants. Mayo also states that just because of the lack of knowledge about American health care system, many immigrants get stumped in the administrative complicacies of the country.

As per some of the officials of Center for Immigrant Health of New York University; the health care system of the nation doesn't fully accommodate the immigrants. Many immigrants get confused about what health care programs they should opt for or may qualify. Many are unable to search a health care official who can act as translators for them or understand their language. The helpline numbers of these health insurance programs are configured in some foreign languages but not all, whereas most of the immigrants in US are from various nations whose languages are not supported by these customer care systems or the customer assistance executives.

The Center also claims that many times, the government spends a lot of time in checking the immigration papers and official permits of the immigrants residing in the country, although they pay income and sales levies, including all the necessary taxes. Seldom is the government officials found to offer assistance to these people in times of need. These also cause delay in health care delivery along with various other hurdles, which leads to unnecessary confusion.

The Director of Institute for Hispanic Health at the National Council of La Raza; Liany Arroyo states about the difficulty in developing and continuing programs to update immigrants about US health care system. This is because, many times the immigrants vacillate to enroll themselves or provide their contact ids for any such program.

Apart from this, there is a big dearth of funding for the arrangement of such programs. Also if funding is available somehow from the government, lots of politicians start opposing about spending the government's funds for such purposes. Arroyo also spoke about the impossibility about the availability of funding in view of the rampant price cuts, being made to counter the current recession phase.

The fair arranger and coordinator Didi Crowder organized few provisions for the students, so that they can get dental checkup in times of need. Also, she arranged a subsidy that provided free spectacles for the immigrant students, who are affected with optical troubles.

In the year 2006, Crowder called for a research that revealed the seriousness of health disorders among the immigrant students. About 181 students were subjected to the research, of which 63 students were found to have disorders that required emergency treatment. A total of 70 students among the rest were struck with optical illness that required use of spectacles.

It has thus proved a sure fact that health care is a must for all, whether it is for the residents of the country or for the immigrants. People can get affected with any type of health disorders at any moment of time. So a comprehensive education and awareness is necessary about this, which can be raised through such programs.

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