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Families suspend health care because of rising costs

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Families suspend health care because of rising costs

Families suspend health care because of rising costs

Survey finds that excess costs have compelled many families to postpone health care. This article has been written on the basis of this fact and gives essential data of the number of people who have actually done this. In addition this, it also mentions the type of medical services they have put off to save money.

A survey conducted recently, has reported that one in every four-member family in the country was found to adjourn required health care because of excess costs, whereas about 53% make savings in other manner.

The survey also found that nearly 16% of the Americans delayed required surgery, medical cure and even postponed visits to the doctor's chambers for treatment of chronic disorders.

A research conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation on February 25, 2009 reported that 53% residents of the United States claimed that either they or the members of their family, suspended health care on various pretexts in order to save flow of cash since past one year.

On the other hand, they became dependant on various home remedies and medications as an alternative to visiting doctors. Even people who confronted dental problems put off the idea of visiting a dentist. Patients who were required to undergo certain required medical examinations and medications also skipped such procedures. Many of the patients avoided taking their doctor's prescription, whereas about 15% abandoned prescribed dosages of medicines and even sliced their tablets into half so that they can save money on buying medicines, any further. 7% people were found to have hurdles receiving mental health treatment.

As a whole, 27% of the people remarked that their families put off the recommended health care. That consists of 16% people, who adjourned treatment of one severe disorder in any case; 10% people suspended visiting any doctors for treatment of asthma or diabetes, 6% put off trivial surgeries at the doctor's clinic while 5% postponed most important surgeries that needed hospital stay during the night. 19% people suspended visits to their doctors for the treatment of interim disorders or for availing precautionary care services.

From February 3 to 12, 2009, nearly 1,204 adults were called by the survey authors via mobile or landline and a telephonic interview was conducted that yielded the facts mentioned above.

The rise in costs of health care services, medical treatment, clinical tests and screenings, have forced the people and various families to sacrifice health care, as they were not able to meet such expenses. That is why people decided to follow such ways outs in order to save money.

With the President of the United States, Barack Obama took an oath to renovate the health care condition of the country; enough support for such project was found by the Kaiser Family Foundation time and again, in spite of the terribly worse financial condition of the nation. About 62% of the people supported the quick implementation of the health care renovation project, whereas 34% people voted against the execution of health care renovation keeping in view of the current economic crisis. As per these people, the country cannot afford the expenses of the project presently. However, as per the other surveys conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation in October and December of the last year 2008, it was found that most people supported the implementation of health care renovation as quickly as possible.

The Kaiser Family Foundation survey also reported that about 59% of the residents of the country consider the fact that, the country will become affluent, in case President Obama and the Congress improve the health care system.

However, just 38% claimed that their households will be wealthier by such renovations, while 43% commented that such things will not take place although health care is reformed. Compared to the Democrats and the liberals, the Republicans were found to be more doubtful on both the matters.

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