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Families USA Reveals Shocking Health Care Reports

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Families USA Reveals Shocking Health Care Reports

Families USA Reveals Shocking Health Care Reports

One of the most renowned health advocators, the Families USA has conducted several surveys and studies about the health care spending of the country's residents and found some shocking results. Among all those people who were surveyed, only few Americans opted for paying above 10% of their taxable income for the purpose of their health care. Majority of the people were found to be devoid of any health insurance. This article reveals the study report of the group in details along with present health care scenario of the country.

Families USA, one of the popular health supporting groups based in Washington conducted several surveys and produced some unusual results on May 5, 2009. The reports states that, among the 4 million residents living at New Jersey and Pennsylvania; around 1/5th of them are householders, who will pay above 10% of the pretax earnings for their health care in this year 2009.

Families USA also remarked that among 2.3 million residents of Pennsylvania, who are below 65 years of age, 22% of them are householders willing to pay above 10% for their health care. This figure has increased in comparison to the 1.9 million residents, which was in the year 2000.

In the state of New Jersey, among 1.5 million residents, around 19% belongs to the above-mentioned category. It has however increased in comparison to the 1 million residents, which was in the year 2000.

Around 88% Pennsylvanians with increased health care expenses possess medical insurance, when judged against 80% residents of New Jersey and about 83% of the entire nationwide population.

Families USA's reports reveals that 65.4 million residents of the United States opt to pay above 10% of their earnings in this year for their health care. At least, this figure has grown in comparison to the 41.7 million country residents, which was in the year 2000.

Families USA itself involved both the expenses of health care and medical insurance. Recently in a telephonic discussion, the Deputy Director of the group, Kathleen Stoll remarked that the country's residents with uncontrollable increased health care costs has risen up, because the employers of big companies have forced their employees to put up with their increased health insurance expenses, and have selected insurance plans that offer reduced coverage but greater co-payments.

The shocking results of Families USA demands the urgent requirement of health care revamp for the country by this year 2009; otherwise the people will not be able to bear the costs of their health care and medical insurance. Already a part of the nation's population has become uninsured because of loosing jobs and expensive health care costs.

The group concluded that at this time, initiatives must be taken allow the people with low and average income, to access health insurance by paying much inexpensive premiums. Such insurance must offer more or less sufficient coverage and demand minimum amount of copayments from the people. Then only, the terrible situation can be kept under control.


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