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Final Healthcare Overhaul Bill

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Final Healthcare Overhaul Bill

Final Healthcare Overhaul Bill

The Senate Democratic leaders and the House is playing ping-pong with the healthcare overhaul bill. It seems the House is going to give to the public option if the insurance providers are held responsible otherwise.

In the mean time, President Obama addressed houses to resolve their problems. He also said that he wishes to pass a cohesive healthcare overhaul bill prior to the coming State of the Union. So it's a big question that how the final Healthcare Overhaul Bill looks like.

According to Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, both Senate and House are close to a conformity.

How the final Healthcare Overhaul Bill looks like? Let us have some thoughts on it. As per Julius Hobson, a Washington based consultant,

  • Public Option will be no more for discussion, since the Senate can not do this and House have to accept this.
  • There would be a negotiation on funding. The Healthcare bill varies widely on Cadillac Plans; it's an excise tax. It will be implemented on the higher income group to make up the discrepancy.
  • Fines for not purchasing insurance coverage would be stiffer and this would be considered as one of the Senate ways to bring more and more people under coverage. For that, the government needs to create widest probable high risk pool and so keep down the insurance costs.
  • Extension of Medicaid would be moved back for some years. While feeling the requirement of Medicaid to provide coverage to the poor people, the Americans states are turning over from the economic slump at this moment. Congress may provide the states more time for recovery.
  • The final bill will be helping lower the dearth. Currently, although Senate bill does it but the House bill does not. President said that he will not sign any bill which will increase the dearth.

The situation is unstable with the proposed 'doc fix' that may reinstate the Medicare slashes which the doctors are yet to get under the present federal law. Previously House approved a bill (permanent fix) that has provided almost 200 million USD to the doctors over a decade. But, since the Senate did not get even 50 votes last year for permanent fix bill, Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader deleted 'temporary fix' from the bill and assured to see the matter later.

The participants may kick the ball on the way again by bringing temporary fix back to the bill. However, there might be some changes on how the doctors will be paid.

So, whether bad or good, the final Healthcare Overhaul Bill looks like sausage….let us wait for it.

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