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First Coast Service Options proclaims to create New Medicare Agreement

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First Coast Service Options proclaims to create New Medicare Agreement

First Coast Service Options proclaims to create New Medicare Agreement

For the very first time, First Coast Service Options have declared to formulate the New Medicare Agreement. This article informs about the upcoming modifications, which will be put to effect because of the implementation of the agreement. Along with this it also informs about the objectives that are set to be executed by FCSO, through the execution of this agreement.

FCSO, also known as First Coast Service Options, one of the country's biggest fee-for- service Medicare supervisors, declared on January 29, 2009, that they are ready to execute the first 2 stages of the new Medicare agreement. This agreement was granted to the company on September 2008, by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The Florida Part B section of FCSO's new agreement was already put into practice from February 1, 2009 and on February 13, 2009; FCSO will execute the Florida Part A section of the agreement. The rest stages of the agreement comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Puerto Rico and will be executed on March 1 of the year 2009.

FCSO is an official contractor and is responsible for offering services like managing assertions, settling negotiations, client servicing and similar other services to healthcare providers and Medicare recipients. All this is done to guarantee the reliability of Medicare compensations. Detailed updates and information about FCSO are available in their official website

By way of these preliminary executions, FCSO will be accountable for administering Florida Medicare Part A and Part B assertions, executing the other claims and managerial services. As FCSO has played the role of the main fee-for-service Medicare service provider in Florida for a period of more than 10 years, these executions generally signifies the customary business type of policy for the healthcare service providing companies and organizations.

On the other hand there applies few alterations because of these shifting procedures. These are chiefly regarding the payment plans and digital claim storage methods and set-up, which will be resulted when the new Medicare agreement is executed. FCSO spoke about these alterations widely and publicly by employing diverse educational and social means, so as to obtain the trust of the healthcare service providing organizations of Florida. Already one stage of the agreement has been executed on February 1 this year and other is pending to be implemented on February 13, 2009 and till then the contact details of FCSO will continue to remain unchanged for healthcare providers.

From the time when they have been granted with the new Medicare agreement in September 2008, FCSO is operating in close association with CMS and several other Florida-based healthcare service providing companies. Over and above their prime concern will be to offer the best services to the healthcare providers and Medicare recipients residing in Florida.

FCSO is expecting that the time when the new Medicare agreement will be fully implemented, they will be considered as the preeminent entity in the healthcare administrative system of Florida.

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