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Fresh Graduate Students are Becoming Uninsured

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Fresh Graduate Students are Becoming Uninsured

Fresh Graduate Students are Becoming Uninsured

Surveys prove that most young graduates are becoming uninsured. This is because of many reasons and circumstances. This article discusses the possible reasons, the probable problems that might occur in the absence of insurance and the solutions to get a comprehensive insurance coverage.

Recent surveys have proved that the young graduates are joining up the queue of uninsured citizens of United States. With every yearly college graduation, more number of graduates comes out, who don't have any health insurance coverage.

Teenagers and adults, who are 23 years of age or below than that can stick to their parent health insurance policies. But they are no longer eligible for coverage as soon as their age crosses 23 years.

Fresh graduates of different colleges need to review their parent insurance terms in order to determine, whether they are still eligible for coverage or not. In case they are no longer covered by their parent health plan, they must opt for an individual insurance plan immediately.

Insurance providers and experts remark that there exists a general tendency among the college graduates, that as they are young, their probability to fall ill is zero or much low. But no one knows when they can get affected by any disease, epidemic or may even face any accident. Then at that time, having insurance really proves to be advantageous.

Those who are uninsured are left with no other option but to pay their own hospital bill and treatment charges, which may seem to be tough to afford. Experts remark that a one-time visit to the surgery room or the emergency ward of the hospital may sum up to a bill, which is worth of 6 months of premiums that they might have paid for a health insurance policy.

Students, who have recently graduated from college and are no longer insured, can look out for different available options of coverage in different private insurance companies. A suitable plan may save much of their money and also offer them huge benefits.

Uninsured graduates not only put their health at risk but also loose access to better health care benefits and treatments. Those young adults who think of getting an insurance coverage in their later ages have to suffer a lot, as increasing age reduces the probabilities of a person to access health insurance. This is because with increasing age, a person may get affected with many health disorders, which might prove them incompetent in the medical tests required to be done for availing standard health insurance.

You may get a health insurance if you are sick or if your medical history is poor. But for that you will need to pay a huge amount of premiums which you may not be able to afford. You can safely forget of availing a low-cost insurance coverage with poor health status and weak medical background.

However, there are many college students who plan to get a job as soon as they complete their graduation. In that case, they may avail insurance as an employee benefits package through their employer. For this they may have to pay a much lesser premium. The premium rates of the insurance offered by the employers don't increase with your age and health history, excepting few special cases like high premiums for those employees who smoke or drink heavily.

However, considering the recent increment in the rate of unemployment and reduced job availability many graduates may not get a suitable job. So in that case they must purchase a low-cost health insurance policy. Even those graduates who have got employment can expect to get coverage from their employers, only after 3 months of waiting.

Graduates can go for short-term health plans but their extent of coverage for the treatment of certain health disorders is less. Also getting a good plan after the termination of a short-term plan is challenging.

Experts suggest that college graduates can buy an insurance plan that requires paying a higher deductible. With this, they are required to pay a much lesser monthly premium and they also have the option to withdraw coverage, if they get another health plan. The idea is to stay insured all the time.


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