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Golden Rule's short-term MedicalSM plan for the people between jobs

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Golden Rules short-term MedicalSM plan for the people between jobs

Golden Rule's short-term MedicalSM plan for the people between jobs

Golden Rule launched Short Term MedicalSM plan with an aim to facilitate individuals especially the young graduates, early retired persons and students who don't get covered by their parents' plan. This plan is simply perfect for the people who are undergoing job transition and thus, actually not covered by any sort of coverage. This temporary plan was launched in 2006.

Since, the medical care expenses are getting highly expensive, gradually; no people wants to take any sort of risk regarding sudden health care expenditures and so they always intend to be under coverage of a perfect medical plan that provides coverage to his or her entire family. Individuals, mostly those who are related to medical field know the fact very well and that is why they are showing more interests and getting inclined to the short-term medical insurance plans by Golden Rule, just like Missouri-based Sarah Jones, who is a nurse by profession. She has opted for Golden Rule's temporary MedicalSM plan for her young daughters who no more get covered by her plan. She has said that misfortune can occur to anybody at any point of time. So, it is always wise to be under medical insurance coverage.

Golden Rule Insurance Company is one of the leading medical insurance providers of the country. It has been dominating the personal insurance industry for over 60 years; efficiently. The merchant belongs to UnitedHealthcare Company. Golden Rule launched Short Term MedicalSM plan on 14th march, 2006; in order to cover individuals as well as their families during the period the respective persons switch over to a new job from the existing one.

With MedicalSM from Golden Rule; people can opt for health coverage for a maximum duration of 6 months. The plan offers a bunch of amenities to the policyholders to let them choose from. It offers a wide spectrum of deductibles as well as so many payment choices to select from. Moreover, the policyholders are free to drop their respective plan at any point of time according to their convenience. Dropping the plan charges no penalty. Besides, they can also apply for further coverage for another one to six months of duration, if required. Policyholders are entitled to get discounts on different health care services provided by UnitedHealthcare's comprehensive nation-wide association of medical professionals.

During a press release, the CEO of Golden Rule reported that this plan has been designed to meet the demands of different adverse situations that may come to anybody's life. The MedicalSM plan is so reasonable, understandable and prepared with a fast and easy application procedure so that the clients can easily get connected to it. He added that with this innovative plan, every customer can be rest assured of the fact that his or her family is entirely protected against all sorts of unwanted and unforeseen costly medical expenses that may take place during the crucial period of life.

Bob Brow; an autonomous insurance agent from HealthQuotes, USA recommended this plan to his personal clients. He also agreed to the reality. According to him, sudden injury or illness accompanied with a costly medical treatment can happen to anyone at any point of time without any prior notice. This could be fiscally shocking to an individual especially if he or she is merely completed study or undergoing a job transition. Mr. Brow has been serving medial insurance plans to people in 20 states for more than 20 years. According to him, almost 20% of his existing customers have opted for this innovative temporary medical insurance policy. This experienced insurance agent suggested such temporary medical insurance plans to the fresh graduates, in search of jobs as well as the students, not covered by their parents' health insurance policies. He also recommended such temporary plans to the early retired persons, waiting for approval of their health care qualification along with personnel between jobs. In addition, these plans are also perfect for people who can't afford expensive COBRA plans.

As a personal insurance supplier, Golden Rule presents HSA or health savings accounts plans along with conventional copay policies and different high tax deductible policies. Short Term MedicalSM plan is one of those plans that are equipped with Golden Rule's unique lowest payments feature. This is the right plan for those customers who believed that they are not capable of affording a medical insurance plan.

Golden Rule was the first to launch HSA in the personal insurance industry of the country. HSA is a combination of a savings account with tax advantage and an insurance policy with a high tax deductible. People connected to a Golden Rule HSA can save by almost 50% or even more on payable premiums than conventional medical insurance policies. Moreover, health savings accounts provide tax advantages, too. Money deposited in an HSA is tax deductible and grow tax-deferred. In addition, the withdrawn amount from an HSA is entirely tax-free if utilized for eligible health care expenditures that include both of dental and vision care services.

More than 50% of the medical plans bought from Golden Rule Insurance Company are health savings accounts. As of 2006, the Golden Rule clients deposited $155 million dollar in total, in their health savings accounts accompanied with tax advantage facility.

Golden Rule operates its business of providing medical insurance services in most of the states of the country. As of 2006, the company was rated as A+ and A (Excellent) by Standard & Poor's and A.M. Best, respectively. These ratings let the merchant prove its financial potency and constancy. 2006 was the 8th year for Golden Rule to get certified by Ward Group. according to this certification, Golden Rule was among the 50 best performing Life-Health companies of the country that have been enjoying good reputation for their excellence in outstanding financial security, performance and reliability.

For more and in-depth information on Golden Rule Temporary MedicalSM plan as well as other medical plans, consumers can log on to or call at 1-800-974-4472. Interested customers can contact to any of the local agents who sell Golden Rule medical plans.

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