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GOP Leaders Request Discussing Health Reform with Obama

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GOP Leaders Request Discussing Health Reform with Obama

GOP Leaders Request Discussing Health Reform with Obama

The GOP leaders have urged President Obama to sit and discuss on some of issues regarding the health care revamp of United States. The interest was shown because of the presence of some common views existing between them and the president. They believe that the discussion will be beneficial for rebuilding the nation's poor health care system and will increase affordability of health insurance for every Americans. This article enumerates the scene in details.

A request for discussion on some of the issues of health revamp with US President Barack Obama was forwarded by the House Republicans. The leaders have mentioned that they desire to discuss those issues because of the presence of similar views on health care revamp. The notification for this request of discussion was sent to The Hill in writing.

On May 13, 2009, the GOP leadership group members delivered the letter to the President. The letter confirmed the similar message; urging the president to enter a discussion on health care revamp. The policymakers of the minority group have remarked that this discussion will aid in the formulation of strong health care reform legislation, which will be beneficial to the people residing in the entire nation.

Some of the grounds in which President Obama and the GOP go together is to enable every citizens afford health insurance and health care services, even those who have poor medical history. Other grounds are like permitting the Americans to continue their exiting health insurance coverage and make way for precautionary health care services accessible to people.

However, they explicate other grounds which are considered as a failure for the House Republicans, some of which consists like eradicating limitations on financing for abortion procedures, removing employer based health insurance and building government sponsored health plans.

Some of the GOP leaders under the guidance of John Boehner, the Republican leader of Ohio, have forwarded a suggestion letter for the upcoming health care revamp. The suggestions were narrated explained in a press meeting held on May 14, 2009.

The minority party along with the GOP leaders claimed that they have prepared all these reform suggestions from the month of March 2009 and finally they were able to forward it to the president. A group consisting of 21 members headed by Whip Roy Blunt, Republican leader of Missouri is responsible for devising the suggestions since March.

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