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Governor O'Malley proposes suspension, eradicating 1000 vacancies

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Governor O Malley proposes suspension, eradicating 1000 vacancies

Governor O'Malley proposes suspension, eradicating 1000 vacancies

Recession has spread everywhere. In order to counter that Governor O'Malley has proposed a strict budget plan. This article discusses the different propositions of the plan and also its probable effects on human life. Plus, it also enumerates the logical points of various people who are opposing this proposed budget plan.

This January 22, 2009, Governor Martin O' Malley proclaimed the budget plan which aims in surmounting a deficit of $2 billion next year by dismissing 700 state personnel's, cutting down 1000 vacancies and reducing expenses in order to counter the countrywide monetary downturn.

With the execution of O'Malley's $14.4 expenditure proposal, the state personnel's will not be able to get any increment in their incomes in the subsequent year. Community colleges should not expect to obtain any increment in the money bestowed to them from the government. This would however cause rise in tuitions. The introduction of a sponsored health scheme will sluggish, that will generally lead to a setback in the coverage intended for adults who didn't have any children.

An education curriculum that would have been advantageous for Prince George's and Montgomery nations will be downsized. In these counties the expenses for pursuing education is much higher. So the cutting down of the educational grant will surely affect people in availing the costly education. Also, the yearly monetary grants from the state, which were allotted for doctors and nursing homes, would remain restricted at the same range that exists in the present year. The state grant to the local governments will reduce by an amount of $310 million, which indicates decreased funding for healthcare plans and similar other programs.

However, it is said that O'Malley is in the process of making more layoffs in the budget plan. It may happen that this budget plan of the government will lead to abolition or cutting down of funds for many programs and organizations, which were eligible for state funding. But, still this has to be done keeping in view of the current recession phase.

Over and above the budget plan of O'Malley has turned positive for students studying in the public university. It has announced the rise of the 4th unswerving year of no tuition. However the Governor didn't allot the sum for the educator's pensions from the state budget.

A spending plan has been proposed to disburse $260 million for the purpose of building schools in the entire country to facilitate education. The rate of such funding has increased since the past years.

But before the budget plan has been announced in public on January 22, 2009, some incidents took place. Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., the Senate President raised an inquiry on the restriction of university tuition. As per him, with the gradual increment in the university fees, increase of tuition is rational. He has also expressed his anxiety over O'Malley's proposals of dismissing the qualified state personnel's. Miller and his representatives have also remarked that they will be thinking on the matter of altering the sum allotted for the educator's pensions.

The budget plan proposed by O'Malley depends on the monetary shifts from the reserve finances of the state. He is also depending on an estimated sum of $350 million from a federal incentive sum, which was expected from the Congress. However the exact sum of money will be known only before the commencement of the financial year 2010. Legislators have been assigned to handle O'Malley's budget plan till April 2009.

In spite of so many reduction in expenses that would be effected through O'Malley's budget proposal, financial experts have expressed further concern as the proposed budget is not proving as an all in all solution. Even after devising such a strict budget plan, experts are anticipating a deficit of $713 million in the financial year 2011.

Anthony J. O'Donnell, the House Minority Leader has provided some options for the budget plan. As per him, government should avoid the idea of funding several programs for the time being, in order to counter recession. This is like discarding the grant of $18.4 million for the purpose of stem cell research, abandoning the subsidy of $25 million in support of the Chesapeake Bay cleanup fund and several others. Already O'Malley has commissioned people to take possible actions for this. The amount of subsidy is being minimized for some of these programs while for the others the funding is dismissed.

But when speaking of the dismissing the 700 state employees, O'Malley have remarked that provisions will be undertaken to rethink about the issue. Even he said that all the positions will not be dismissed if the federal incentive sum is received and is larger than that expected.

From the time O'Malley has taken the position of the Governor in 2007 about 40 workers have been dismissed and many vacancies have been eradicated. So, many people fear the same now. At present the state has nearly 80,000 workers.

As per the biggest employees union of the state, ASFSCME Maryland, if workers are dismissed further, it would lead to a big problem of unemployment and socio-economic turmoil in this present phase of recession.

As O'Malley has also claimed for downsizing the funding for Medicaid and similar health programs, so it would lead to the postponement in the extension of the Medicaid coverage for above 70,000 adults who are devoid of any children. However, this can be countered if the federal incentive sum is available and that also if it contains a significant amount of money. The Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative has in fact promised to request the state politicians, to make arrangement for the availability of the satisfactory sum of federal incentive.

O'Malley is also trying his best to search of other alternatives of saving money. For example, he has asked the state to delay buying 2 Medevac helicopters that costs $40 million, till the next year. Instead of that borrowing these for the time being will be a good option for saving funds.

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