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Gradual Increment in the Number of Uninsured Nevadans

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Gradual Increment in the Number of Uninsured Nevadans

Gradual Increment in the Number of Uninsured Nevadans

Recent studies prove that there is a gradual increment in the number of Nevadans devoid of any health insurance policy. Families USA, one of the major health care research groups has aided much in conducting such a study that yielded shocking figures of the number of uninsured Nevadans. This has caused a major concern for all the health care groups and medical directors of the state. It was found that most of these uninsured people were employed initially but ultimately fall prey to the recent economic slowdown. Even it has been found health crisis are common both for the uninsured and the insured. This article enumerates the entire story in details along with the other findings of the studies conducted in this regard.

On March 25, Families USA, one of the leading consumer health care research group of United States; brought out some typical statistical data. The report proves that nearly 841,000 residents of Nevada were devoid of any health insurance coverage in between the years 2007 and 2008, whereas around 642,000 of these residents lost their health insurance policies 6 months (or above) ago from now onwards.

The study report also showed that above than 4 out of 5 Nevadans who were without any health insurance coverage, that constitutes 81.5% of the population, were from part-time or full-time working family backgrounds.

The Executive Director of Families USA; Ron Pollack, has expressed his severe concern about the rising number of uninsured Nevadans, after going through the shocking reports.

The reports including the statistical data were announced by Families USA via teleconferencing aired from the state of Washington. The State Director of Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada; Bob Fulkerson and Senator Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat took part in the teleconference.

Senator Reid claimed that the figures mentioned in the report are abysmal, but as per him when the poor financial condition of the country is taken into consideration, such figures really makes some sort of sense. Therefore, the Senate Majority Leader expressed his opinion about the immediate need for health care reform, not only throughout the state but also in the entire country, in order to counter the present crisis. He also promised to render his support and assistance, whenever required for such purposes.

As per Fulkerson, the current health predicaments are affecting all types of people, no matter whether they have health insurance coverage or not.

The report of Families USA also states that among the 86.7 million residents living in the country, 1 out of 3 below the age of 65 years has lost their health insurance sometime in between 2007 and 2008.

The University of Minnesota's State Health Access Data Center conducted a study earlier, which proved that 19.8% of the working people residing at Nevada and are between the age group of 19-64 years were devoid of any health insurance coverage from the years 2006 to 2007. Just after this, Families USA declared the results of their own research.

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