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Hawaii Medical Service Association launches its Online Care Services

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Hawaii Medical Service Association launches its Online Care Services

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The unique Online Care facility of Hawaii Medical Service Association has been launched to provide revolutionary medical care services to people. Doctors and patients can consult among themselves through this facility. This article reports the operation and function of this Online Care service and how it can change the healthcare scenario of Hawaii.

For the very first time, the HMSA also known as the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) proudly presented inaugurated its pioneering Online Care services on January 15, 2009. The Online Care center of HMSA acts as a bridge between patients and physicians with the aid of the Internet and the phone. All the residents of Hawaii can now avail this Online Care facility of HMSA. It's not at all obligatory for anyone to be an associate of HMSA, in order to avail the services of this Online Care facility.

HMSA is a non profit making, reciprocated benefit organization established in 1938 at Hawaii. Accredited by the Blue Shield and Blue Cross Association, it provides healthcare coverage to people. HMSA is managed by many healthcare professionals, businessmen, government employees and others.

HMSA is in fact the first healthcare program in the country to offer the citizens with the innovative Online Care service. The association expects that soon it will allow the healthcare sector to reach its peak. Even it is anticipated that within a few months, a majority of the residents of the state will feel the expediency and reasonability, by using the Online Care services of HMSA. In other words HMSA's Online Care combines consumer's healthcare requirements with technology and then offers necessary care services.

The Online Care service is at present targeted for all people living at Hawaii, including those who are residing in the island's most remote areas. People will be able to consult general doctors who are within HMSA's set of contacts at anytime they require medical advice. This facility is available for 24X7 in a row for people. Online sittings are inexpensive, fast, safe and completely confidential. Those who are the associates/members of HMSA can consult with a doctor online for a minimum price of $10 only, whereas non-associates can use the similar online services only at $45 for each sitting.

The Online Care facility of HMSA has already started functioning now. It has surmounted the limitations of time, space, portability, or the deficiency of health insurance. Patients can log in anytime to get medical advice from doctors across different states.

Not only Hawaii but HMSA is trying to extend the availability of this innovative service to the islands located adjacent to Hawaii. The standard of health care is thus expected to enhance in these islands, as patients have one-touch access to the Online Care services. Doctors can also get to know about the condition of their patients and can thus check their health improvement. In the coming months HMSA is planning to include more healthcare practitioners like specialists, therapists, psychologists, midwives, expert nurses etc. for increasing the scope of medical services to patients. All these medical practitioners will be able to exploit the latest technology of HMSA's Online Care system and get in touch with their patients.

HMSA did lots of research and experimentation with their Online Care system before releasing it officially. Many doctors and patients utilized various features of the Online Care facility and then verified its effectiveness. Lots of interactive sessions were conducted through the Online Care facility of HMSA during the inauguration phase. About 85% partakers reported their satisfaction to HMSA after using this pioneering service and also assured their future use of the same service, for the betterment of their health.

The American Well Corporation and several other organizations have entered into a partnership with HMSA's Online Care service, in order to boost the medical care services in the state. A majority of the people believes that it will be turning into a significant medical care service dispensing option this year and also in future.

HMSA's Online Care has also incorporated with Microsoft® HealthVault™, which means that the patients living at Hawaii will be able to access the HealthVault, monitor and share their private medical data through different places, which consists supplier and hospital data storage facilities, patient registrations and others.

Presently doctors and specialists with diverse areas of expertise are joining HMSA's Online Care services. These doctors are from fields like general and family care specialties, ophthalmology, cardiology, dental, physiotherapy, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics and a host of others. The number of specialties will increase with the passage of time, as HMSA will insert more to it.

Doctors and specialists who are taking part in HMSA's Online Care service can gain access to this online facility at their own sweet time and communicate with patients. Patients will also have similar facility. The facility is supple which permits local healthcare practitioners to carry out their sessions virtually, which give dynamic ease of working.

However, HMSA has strictly mentioned that their Online Care service is not at all meant to substitute patient-doctor interaction that happens in the doctor chambers in real life. Although it may do that in some ways but the virtual entity cannot be a total replacement to the personal interaction between a doctor and a patient. The aim is to allow a patient to seek doctor's advice whenever required as the service is online and easily accessible.

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