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Health Care Summit held at Michigan to discuss reform

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Health Care Summit held at Michigan to discuss reform

Health Care Summit held at Michigan to discuss reform

Recently a health care summit was held at Michigan in order to discuss various ideas and proposals on health care modification. The summit made it clear that the entire country expects better health care as soon as possible. Various ideas were discussed in the summit to minimize health care costs, developing better care facilities and many others. This article summarizes the entire happenings of the summit.

On March 12, 2009 Governor Jim Doyle co-hosted a summit for the discussion on the renovation of health care. It was convened at Dearborn, Michigan and around 40 invitees went there all the way from Wisconsin. The summit was mainly organized as part of the initiatives of US President Barak Obama and the White House representatives. One of the prime reasons for organizing this forum was to find out ways of health care modification and to discuss on the current flaws of the health care system of the country.

Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm along with the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council; Melody Barnes, were the other hosts of the summit.

Among the people who were invited to the summit were the chief officials of health insurance companies and organizations, delegates of the worker unions and retiree councils, different health care professionals along with several others who were asked to participate in the discussions of the summit.

The extensive conformity for the requirement of urgent health care modification for the entire country became much evident in this summit. Many spokespersons debated on the necessity to concentrate on the protection and security of the life of individuals from various dangerous health disorders with the proper utilization of health IT. Others also suggested variety of ideas for the ultimate reform of the existing health care system of the United States.

In this summit, health care delegates and professionals also stressed the need of introducing concessions and waivers on health insurance coverage so that maximum number of people can afford them. However, no such comments were passed in the summit in favor of any sort of private or governmental health insurance and compelling the people, to enroll for any particular type of health plans.

Governor Doyle has himself felt the desire for a strong health care condition of the country through the discussions held in the summit. He himself claimed that the country's health care system is much costly, which have become almost impossible for majority of the people to afford.

However, by the end of the summit several inferences were drawn that entails to be implemented in the form of proposals in the final bill for health care modification. Some of these are like:

  • Every American needs to have a health insurance policy, which must be accessible at a reasonable price and should offer coverage for most of the health care requirements of an individual.
  • The excessive health care cost that involves expensive medical treatment, prescription drugs, surgeries etc. needs to be reduced by shredding off the unnecessary expenses as far as possible.
  • Provisions must be made so that every resident of the country have access to quality health care without any kind of delay or lack of suitable medical facilities.

President Barack Obama, the White House officials along with many other health care experts and representatives of medical associations have also indicated about the arrangement of similar summits for health care renovation, before passing the final health care bill. All this is being done in order to have a strong health care system of the country by the year 2009.

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