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Health Clinics reports rise in number of patients

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Health Clinics reports rise in number of patients

Health Clinics reports rise in number of patients

A majority of the health clinics have reported that the number of patients is increasing day by day in their places. Most of these clinics offer treatment at low-cost or absolutely at no cost and that is why there is such a huge craze among patients for getting admitted to these clinics. Patients are seen to avoid getting admitted to the private health care centers because of their exorbitant high rates. This article has been written on the basis of this fact and includes the remarks of notable people who are in the world of health care profession.

Recently this February 2009, it was declared by Dr. Ketty Gonzalez, the East Central Public Health District Director, that above 18% of the populace of Augusta do not have any health insurance policies with them and this number will be going on escalating, until and unless any active measures are undertaken.

Dr. Gonzalez pointed out that the reason of this growing number of people without any health insurance, is the poor economic condition of the country, which has limited the purchasing power of the people. At present an individual and even many low income families finds it difficult to avail a health insurance policy because its premiums are too expensive to afford. However, as per Gonzalez, people are still searching for health insurance companies that offer health care coverage at affordable rates.

The government health department offers health care services for the patients at inexpensive rates. However, there are many private health care clinics which are present in different parts of the country that offer similar treatment services.

One of the nurses at St. Vincent de Paul Health Center; Sister Fran Voivedich, has remarked that many of the clinics of the country, have recently witnessed a sudden rise in the number of patients, who desire to avail healthcare treatment from a free clinic, more willingly than getting treated from a private physician. Sister Voivedich claimed that the clinics are presently packed up with these patients who are affected with more than one severe health disorders.

The Medical Director for Faith Care Clinic, Dr. Al Lightsey reported of the prevalence of the similar drift in the health clinic of Columbia County. In the year 2008, the clinic treated above 150 patients and in this year 2009, the number of appointments for availing free care treatment is on the verge of getting booked.

When the launching of these free of cost clinics was first announced, the people thought that they would not have to go for treatment at private health clinics, which charges an unimaginable high price for the services offered. Since the opening of these clinics, the number of entries of patients for getting free treatment is increasing in a stupendous manner. Everyone is trying to avail an opportunity to get an appointment in such clinics. The result is that, very soon the number of empty seats in these clinics will be getting filled up.

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