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Health Revamp Should Contain Long Term Health Care

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Health Revamp Should Contain Long Term Health Care

Health Revamp Should Contain Long Term Health Care

The people residing in United States are strongly urging for a health care revamp. However, all of them demand the inclusion of long term health care benefits to the new reform project. Efforts are being laid to minimize the premiums of the long term care insurance policies so that people can afford them. This article discusses the need of long term care services and the reason for availing such insurance.

The health care system of United States is undoubtedly in a poor condition, and the possibility of availing long term health care services by patients at low cost, is almost impossible. Considering the growing threat of diseases and epidemic, long term care has become much necessary. So a health revamp is required that must contain long term care provisions for patients.

It is said that buying a standard health insurance coverage helps in curtailing the costs of long term care. But the private long term health care plans and also the government-sponsored health policies are incapable of meeting the long term care requirements of the patients. So how these policies can be in a position to reduce the long term care expenses?

Most of the health insurance policies that are available in the market are much expensive for the common people to afford. Their premiums are high and beyond the purchasing power of the low and medium income people. So meeting the expenses of such insurance coverage is generally impracticable for them.

Many health insurance experts are of the opinion, that the younger you are, the maximum is your possibility of getting health insurance coverage at an affordable price. For instance, if you buy a coverage plan when you are 50 years of age, you will have to pay much lesser premiums for maintaining the coverage. But depending on your health conditions 25 years later, you may be required to pay more amounts of premiums, especially if you require more hospital readmissions, long term care services and more.

It may also happen that you are no longer in a position to pay the premiums, or the insurance company from where you have purchased the policy has gone out of business. However, if your health insurance returns you huge long term care benefits, then your decision to purchase those health insurance years ago may seem to be fruitful.

If you think of dropping the idea of purchasing a long term health care insurance plan, then you are putting your health and also your money at a big stake. This is because if you need long term health care services anytime, you will be required to pay the hospital and nursing home bills out of your own pocket. You may loose your lifetime monetary savings for that and may even be deprived of many benefits, which you may have reaped if you have invested in an insurance coverage earlier. Therefore it is suggested that you subscribe in a long term care insurance programs anyhow.

However, the new health care reform project that is being planned for the country will have some advantageous provisions. It will entail the people to pay for their long term health care services with their pretax earnings initially, which they would have paid for paying their taxes. Other steps will be undertaken to cut down the premium rates of the insurance policies, so that it can be afforded by many people.

A regulation has been passed in New York to secure the properties and savings of patients (whose health insurance have expired) from being spent for their long term care. The state government has also planned to subsidize insurance programs, with which it would be available to many people at economical rates.

Apart from some of these overhaul proposals; other suggestions must be passed as laws by the government, so that availing long term health care services for less spending may not be difficult for people. Washington is on its way to come up with other health care revamp proposals soon. However, until and unless the President of the United States along with the Congress devises strong health reform regulations for the nation, such prospects will be hard to achieve.


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