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Help Expanded for those who are Uninsured

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Help Expanded for those who are Uninsured

Help Expanded for those who are Uninsured

People who don't have any health insurance coverage of their own and those who cannot afford to pay for availing health care services, can expect something better in this month of May, 2009. One of the chief occupational care suppliers called HMA MedWorks will be conducting a health care campaign for them. This will help them to avail treatment for their minor health disorders at a much affordable price.

A popular professional health care service provider; HMA MedWorks is on process of increasing their client database by helping the mass.

From May 2009 onwards, the organization will carry on a promotional campaign which has been named as 'Pay What You Can'. The campaign has been scheduled to take place on Tuesdays of every week. Jeri Moore; the CEO and the President of HMA MedWorks, was found to borough the idea of the campaign through a similar advertising strategy of a restaurant. The aim of the promotion is to offer health care to those uninsured citizens and those who can't afford to pay for the services.

In the year 2003, HMA MedWorks was launched by Moore in cooperation with 3 other person who lost their job from their regular occupational health care jobs. The aim of the company is to propose a substitutive way of offering affordable professional medical treatment, similar to that offered in the hospitals.

The organization offers services like medicinal tests, respiratory exams, body screenings and several other medical services. Presently, HMA MedWorks has entered into an agreement with above 1,000 small and big business owners and employers to offer health care services. The company offers treatment services to many patients and also refers them to specialists if their health condition is found to be serious.

Now with the 'Pay What You Can' campaign, HMA MedWorks is planning to do much more than offering its present professional medical services. Through this, patients having minor health problems like muscular pains, throat aches, cough and cold and similar other disorders can get remedy. However, prior appointments are necessary prior to requesting treatment.

The campaign will not prescribe any drugs and medications to the patients and the patients are required to pay whatever they can from their earnings, but the payment mode is through cash only.

The health care services and diagnosis of the patients will be conducted under the supervision of trained medical practitioners and licensed doctors. No medical therapy will be offered without the consent of the doctors appointed by HMA MedWorks.

Presently, the headquarters of HMA MedWorks are located close to Harry and West Street. The company office has small laboratories, treatment chambers, medical screenings and testing booths etc.

Keeping in view of the current economic slowdown, which is being experienced by almost all the countries of the world including United States, the initiative of HMA MedWorks is noteworthy and appreciable. It is hoped by many health care experts that the overall campaign of the company will be an utter success.


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