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Highmark healthcare aid to jobless and uninsured Pennsylvanians

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Highmark healthcare aid to jobless and uninsured Pennsylvanians

Highmark healthcare aid to jobless and uninsured Pennsylvanians

Highmark Inc. has planned to offer information on health care and its insurance products to all the laid-off employees and uninsured citizens of Pennsylvania on the eve of Cover the Uninsured Week. It has thus called for seminars to educate the people on this issue. The company aims to allow people avail suitable health insurance policies on the basis of their purchasing power and health care requirements. The company believes that it will help in eradicating uninsured cases by delivering quality health care support to people. This article discusses the project's features and other information.

People residing in Pennsylvania who have turned out of job or are without any health insurance, will be able to join seminars and consult with health insurance professionals. From March 22, 2009 onwards the entire country is will be following Cover the Uninsured Week. It will continue till March 28, 2009. On this occasion, Highmark Inc. - one of the largest health insurance companies of Pennsylvania will be providing resources to assist uninsured residents of the state to comprehend their various options of health care coverage.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department conducted a research recently and discovered that in the year 2008, the number of people living in the state and devoid of health insurance has increased to 1 million, whereas in the year 2004, the number of uninsured was 900,000.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has thus launched the mission; Cover the Uninsured. It is a countrywide initiative to focus the truth of nearly 46 million residents of the United States, among which consists 9 million children, who are devoid of any health insurance coverage.

The Director of single markets of Highmark Inc. Ken Cikovic has expressed his grief over the plight of people stuck in the midst of the current phase of recession and increasing unemployment. He states that, every person should need to purchase health insurance coverage of their own. Therefore as per him, Highmark Inc. has thus felt the need to assist the people in buying the appropriate health insurance policy for their own and also for their family members.

The company is also organizing a series of seminars named, Health Insurance Programs for Individuals, for assisting the people to comprehend health insurance schemes and sign up for the right plan. The seminars will be held in two of the company's Direct Health Insurance showrooms located in Silver Spring Square at Mechanicsburg and at McKnight Siebert Shopping Center, Pittsburgh. For the dates, timing and registration for attending the seminars, people can call in 717-302-7900 (for the seminar at Mechanicsburg) or in 412-544-5400 (for the seminar at Pittsburg).

However, Highmark Inc. also welcomes interested people to contact them directly to understand their various options of health care coverage and know more about their insurance products. The company guarantees of providing health insurance options that suites the requirements of different individuals. Highmark Inc. also has collaboration with state-governed health care plans like AdultBasic, CHIP etc.

Citizens residing in the Central part of Pennsylvania can call in Highmark at 1-866-698-4077 and those residing in the Western part of the state can phone in at 1-866-488-7481 to know more about the insurance products and coverage options of the company.

Highmark Inc. is among the largest health insurance providers of Pennsylvania that aims in providing quality insurance coverage for all. Most of the insurance products and health plans of the company are easy to afford by individuals and also by different families, regardless of whatever income they have. All of its plans help in offering coverage to most of the health care services, which are required by the people. It has its headquarters in Pittsburg. Highmark Inc. has been autonomously licensed under Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Presently, around 4.6 million satisfied customers are found to use various insurance products of Highmark Inc. The company invests huge sum of money for the development of its insurance plans and making them ready to serve the health care needs of its clients. The company's annual turnover has surpassed $2.5 billion as per studies. Additional details about the company, its programs, seminars and agenda, are available online in their official website www.highmark.com.

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