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Home Oxygen Suppliers faces wrath of Medicare's latest regulations

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Home Oxygen Suppliers faces wrath of Medicare latest regulations

Home Oxygen Suppliers faces wrath of Medicare's latest regulations

Medicare has enacted its new laws, that seems to be much hazardous for home oxygen providers and the customers. This article reports about the different rules and their possible perils.

The different home oxygen providers and suppliers present countrywide will now have to face the wrath of Medicare's latest rules.

From the commencement of the year 2009, Medicare imposed a 36-month or 3 year limit on the fees for the general home oxygen supplies and apparatus including the other relevant services. Conversely after the termination of 36 months (3 years), the rule makes it obligatory that, the same oxygen components must be utilized for a further 2 years. This means, that the home oxygen suppliers have to run in losses as they will not be able to charge any amount from the patients, for a considerable period of time.

Briefly this means that the home oxygen sellers have to offer medical and customer services to the patient, although they won't get reimbursement from them for the rest 2 years. In case the suppliers charge anything to the patient during this time in return of their services; then it would be considered as a breach to the Medicare laws.

However, this is not the end of the new regulations of Medicare. The home oxygen providers are required to continue offering services at no cost to patients, notwithstanding to the fact that they are running in utmost losses. Even Medicare has stipulated that home oxygen sellers will not be allowed to shut down their trade in between. This means that there is hardly any way of escaping the new laws of Medicare.

Not only for the suppliers of home oxygen but also the patients have to be under the purview of the new regulations of Medicare. Once a patient selects a home oxygen supplier; he/she will not be able to change the seller whenever he/she feels like. If changing from one seller to another is necessary, then the consent of both the ex seller and the new seller is necessary.

The home oxygen sellers will not enroll new patients who are somewhere in between of their 3 year limit, as this will lead to drop in economy of the seller.

As per Larry Jantzen, the owner of Larry's Home Oxygen; this typical law will create a financial barrier for all home oxygen providers, along with imposing an obstacle in the liberty of the patient in choosing their seller.

In case a patient travels away from his/her residential city/state in between the 5 year time period of availing oxygen supplies, then it will be the responsibility of the supplier to offer the required supplies and provisions by themselves to the patient in his/her new residential state or city, where the patient has moved to. However, if it is not possible for the supplier to offer these services themselves, then they can pay any other sellers to do that on their behalf.

The Council for Quality Respiratory Care has stated that the Medicare home oxygen benefits has dropped down much from its earlier value. The reduction in benefits that were put into operation since the beginning of the year 2009, will amount to a sum of $14.8 million alone in the state of Oklahoma. This was passed by the MIPPA (Medicare Improvements for Patients and Provider Act) of 2008 and the Congress in the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005.

An organization called the Avalere Health has researched that by the end of 2009, the standard compensation for home oxygen suppliers by Medicare will minimize to half of the value than that was in the year 1997.

Because of such strict regulations, many home oxygen providers fear to loose their money and simultaneously run their business by turning semi-bankrupt. But despite of this they are hoping for something to save their skin.

Jantzen of Larry's Home Oxygen has therefore asked all other home oxygen sellers and the consumers, to report about the adversity of the new Medicare regulations in front of the Congress. He even urged for justice from the Senate to review the same and bring satisfactory changes to the current laws of Medicare.

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