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Increase of Health Insurance Coverage supported by Governor

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Increase of Health Insurance Coverage supported by Governor

Increase of Health Insurance Coverage supported by Governor

The Governor of Colorado and even many of the hospitals of the state supports the expansion of health insurance coverage for all the uninsured Coloradans. That is why in order to put this idea into action, a bill demanding the same has been proposed. The bill will help in increasing coverage and also help to reduce health care costs. This article has been written on the basis of this report and also mentions the other details relating to the proposed bill.

The budget for the state, that was fixed by Governor Bill Ritter and the policymakers gathered on February 26, 2009 to approve a legislation, which according to them will help in expansion of health insurance coverage to around 100,000 people residing in Colorado, who are devoid of any health care policy presently.

The legislation passed by them has been termed as the Colorado Healthcare Affordability Act. Governor Ritter remarked at a press meeting held at Denver Health Medical Center, that the act is believed to make major progress for controlling the rate of increase in uninsured people. Plus, it is also supposed to reduce the rise in health care expenses.

The bill requires reviewing a supplier payment for hospitals. The Chairperson of Colorado Hospital Association; Steven Summer, has remarked that the payment method is still on process to be worked out; however, the aim was to produce $600 million annually. The state has been given the authority to receive federal matching finances, plus the remaining funding of $1.2 billion, which is intended to be utilized to increase the scope for people entitled for Child Health Plan or Medicaid.

The eligibility for the Medicaid program will be fixed at 100% of the poverty level under the federal law. Presently, it is set to around $22,000 for each four-member family. Child Health Plans will be given to the children and also to the pregnant women through families, whose income is nearly 250% of the poverty level under the federal law.

The financing will also help in reforming the hospital compensation charges for the service offered to the existing Medicaid patients, including those who receive the benefits of Colorado Indigent Care Program.

The 90 members of the Colorado Hospital Association, who are fighting with the expenses of the unpaid care services meant for the poor people, also backs the plan.

Summer claimed that each year, the hospitals of Colorado encounter above $375 million in unpaid expenses by assisting the Medicaid patients, since they get below 55% of the entire expenses for offering care to the people of Colorado, who requires them. The bill is expected to raise the ratio up to 75%.

Summer remarked, that in case the bill is passed, the hospitals may cease passing beside their unpaid expenses to the patients having health insurance policies.

Legislature's Joint Budget Committee, which fixes the budget of the state each year, has also supported the bill. Senate Moe Keller, of Democrat Wheat Ridge and the Chairperson of the committee has remarked that such a type of health plan, as mentioned in the Bill has been implemented already by above 40 states.

Governor Ritter has urged the state to undertake some actions at present, instead of waiting for the implementation of the countrywide health care reform project of Obama's administration. As per the governor, the execution of Obama's health care project will take lot of time initially to launch and then to work further. The Coloradans should not wait for such a long time and therefore should support the Colorado Healthcare Affordability Act to get passed.

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