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Kennedy back to Washington amidst Health Care reform talks

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Kennedy back to Washington amidst Health Care reform talks

Kennedy back to Washington amidst Health Care reform talks

Senator Kennedy went back to Washington for the purpose of his post brain tumor surgery recovery. This happened at the time when President Obama summoned the White House Summit on March 5, 2009. But still it was found that Sen. Kennedy has aided a lot to support health care renovation tasks and prepare his men to speak up on health care on his behalf. This article reports the entire scene and also discusses the various achievement of Sen. Kennedy in the health care improvement task. In addition this, it also discusses the different opinions of Americans on health care, along with the present scenario of the nation.

Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy, who was reported to be recovering post brain cancer operation, came back to Washington on March 5, 2009 just at the time when President Barack Obama arranged a meeting on the country's most prominent debated issue - the health care renovation task.

In the year 2008, Senate Kennedy proclaimed about the presence of a tumor in his brain's left parietal lobe.

Kennedy also urged the need for quick action in the implementation of health care reform in a bipartisan meeting, which took place at the White House.

Nearly, 150 people took part in the meeting, which comprised of the President himself, associates of the Congress and the chiefs of the health care community. From the Inauguration Day onwards, Sen. Kennedy's presence in the summit at White House is regarded as his first public manifestations. It was him who showed great enthusiasm and support for the health care reform task.

As per a senior government executive, the White House forum stresses on minimizing health care expenses and also to increase coverage for all. President Obama views it as the base point for handling the health care reform task.

Kennedy, a 77 year old person encountered an attack on May, 2008 at his residence located at Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Later, the doctors who treated him detected his brain tumor. He secluded himself in Massachusetts in order to recuperate and hardly ever went back to Washington.

Just on the Inauguration Day, Sen. Kennedy once again encountered a health attack at a lunch forum for the Congress members and the newly elected President of United States.

As per health assistants, Sen. Kennedy entered into discussion with many of his employees at different times of each day. Also, he was found to be seriously busy controlling and managing the progress of his committee for the purpose of the nation's health care renovation.

Families USA's Ron Pollack has remarked in this regard that although, Kennedy was not present in the White House summit of March 5, 2009, but still his absence was compensated by his works which he did for the purpose of laying better health care.

Pollack has also stated, that Senator Kennedy did a lot for the purpose of health care renovation of the country singlehandedly (although he suffered from the pains of a serious disorder), which wouldn't have been able to be performed by many people working together. Being aware of his disease, he did things in advance so as to assure that his officials and the committee members are completely equipped to participate in the summit.

As per Pollack, Kennedy was found to be in uninterrupted communication with his Senate coworkers and also with his officials. He engaged himself in different conventions on health care renovation for many months.

On March 5, 2009 Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, a colleague of Sen. Kennedy has expressed his regrets, because of the absence of Kennedy in the meeting to comment on health care renovation. But he has thanked the proficient officials of Kennedy who were capable enough to handle the situation and were in regular communication with Kennedy.

Republican Sen. Hatch claimed that Kennedy's huge proficient record of services for the Nation and his tasks on health care renovation will assist him to reach his pursuit. As per him, Kennedy possesses a strong skill to direct any group to perform for the purpose of health care improvement. Being a much experienced official, Kennedy can get things done in less time.

Sen. Kennedy being a great politician and the writer of a famous book called In Critical Condition: the Crisis in America's Health Care; has also aided a lot for social improvement, imparting education and the general development of the people. He is also the Chairman of Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and is also a worthy part of the committees of Judiciary and Armed Services.

In recent times, Victoria Reggie Kennedy; the wife of Sen. Kennedy has requested the supporters to donate to the political movement committee of Kennedy. This is because as per her, the contributions will aid in the pursuit of achieving quality health care services for all the residents of the United States.

Mrs. Kennedy read out a letter in public, which has been dispatched to her by Kennedy's Committee for a Democratic Majority. The letter expresses the expectations of his husband; that each resident of the nations possess the right to access better health care services and that that too at reasonable prices. The letter also declared the support and respect of Kennedy for Obama's ideas on improving health care.

A survey conducted countrywide proves that about 3 out of 4 US citizens, vote for the government's initiatives to reform the health care condition of the nation. In a poll conducted jointly by Opinion Research Corp. and CNN showed that 72% people support governmental efforts to minimize costs and offer health insurance coverage for all those living in the country, whereas 27% people were seen to have no trust on the government's initiatives. These surveys and polls were mainly conducted in order to avail a general idea of what are the opinions of the Americans in the issue of reforming the country's health care system.

United States is under tremendous pressure in recent times. Many of its people remarks that the government should stress on reforming the health care condition of the country at the very beginning, whereas others' claims that the financial condition of the nation should be improved, in the view of the current recession. Dealing with terrorism is also essential as per the opinions of other dignitaries. So, in such a terrible situation, concentrating alone on health care and fixing a budget for it has become much difficult. But still, the Government is trying its best and President Obama and other officials of the White House are also leaving no stones unturned to face the impending issue.

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