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Medicaid gets a booster in Stimulus Plan

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Medicaid gets a booster in Stimulus Plan

Medicaid gets a booster in Stimulus Plan

According to a report released by the Families USA on Friday December 12 2008, the state of Oklahoma will stand to gain $453 million incremental if an economically stimulant plan devised by the Congressional Democrats is approved by President-elect Barack Obama.

The report further says that the whole process apart from providing health care to the people of Oklahoma will also help in creating 9300 new jobs which will help in building up $297 million new wages and $819 million in upcoming business activity in the state.

The Families USA, which is a national health consumer group, pleads high quality, affordable health care for the people of America on behalf of them. The analysis presented by the group is actually the passing of legislation prefaced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

The report also mentioned that 43 states of USA are facing budget deficits for the 2009 financial year.

Of these 43 states, 19 had already enacted or proposed to act on certain cuts in the Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

In fact, cuts are being considered for a second time in 6 states.

The report states that acting on cuts on Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program is a pessimistic or negative way towards reduction in state expenses.

This is fundamentally because each dollar that goes into expenditure on Medicaid actually brings in federal funds in equal terms. Moreover this funding is channelized into numerous rounds of spending, resulting in generation of more business activities, employment and earnings.

Nico Gomez, spokesperson, Oklahoma Health Care Authority, said that it has also been found that there is no activity in making cuts in Oklahoma. OHCA manages the effective administration of the Medicaid and CHIP programs in the state.

Gomez further stated that the state has not faced any shortfalls in revenue generations unlike other states. However, since different states are getting affected at uneven time periods, it still to be seen when and how Oklahoma does get affected by the recession.

He further reiterated that the state legislature and the governor should prioritize reduction of uninsured individuals and enhance and extend coverage to more and more working adults and children. He also said the Senate aspects of the legislations are far more effective than the House aspects as far as the Medicaid program is concerned.

In fact reports state that highest rate available as per federal norms have been paid to the providers through investments by Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is still waiting for a communication from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid in response to an application which was submitted almost a year and a half back in order to raise eligibility requirements of income for SCHIP, Gomez said.

Noteworthy information in this case, is that at present SCHIP provides coverage to four million U.S. children.

President Bush had vetoed a legislation bill which expired in March. The bill was passed by Congress, which was targeted at re-authorizing the program.

Ron Pollack, Executive Director of FamilyUSA, expresses his hope of the Congress acts expeditiously in re-authorizing the SCHIP program and also provides additional funds. He further reminded that the economy could not be fixed overlooking basic healthcare.


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