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NH Senate Supports Inexpensive Coverage for Ages 19 to 25

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NH Senate Supports Inexpensive Coverage for Ages 19 to 25

NH Senate Supports Inexpensive Coverage for Ages 19 to 25

New low-priced health insurance coverage has been proposed for the children and young adults of the age group of 19 to 25 years of age, in the state of New Hampshire. This has also received the support of the state's Senate and awaiting the House's approval. This program has mainly been launched to bring the uninsured young adults under coverage as they were unable to avail coverage by other means. This article explains the fact in details.

The adults, who have lower monthly earnings and are between the age group of 19 years and 25 years, can now opt for health insurance via New Hampshire Healthy Kids Program. On March 11, 2009 the Senate of the state gave its approval for this legislation.

It was elected 19-4 by the Senate, who moved the bill into the House for the final approval.

Presently, children can also become eligible for this coverage if they have attained the age of 18 years. It will consider the 25 and the kids to purchase the health care plan, only if they cannot qualify to get into their parents health insurance coverage. However, they will be considered ineligible for this program if they are found to have a monthly income of above $3,610.

Governor John Lynch who backs the program however doubts that whether it will append to the expenses of the state or not, as the new enrollees will have to put forward the premiums every month.

The moment the negotiations are over with the health insurance provider, shortly by this year 2009, it is anticipated that the premiums of this proposed health insurance program will be below $200 every month.

Opponents' claim that premiums for new enrollees will be below in comparison to that of the commercial insurance, somewhat because that the federal and state governments spend the money for 1000's of children of low-income families, in this health care program. Ted Gatsas, Manchester Republican argues that growing the team will incur expenses for the state and nothing else.

However, Kathleen Sgambati of Tilton Democrat has opposed Gatsas arguments saying that, the finances for this health care program will be available from the payments made by the individuals. As per her, the prices of the premiums are reduced by purchasing the coverage as teams, asking for concessions with the insurers and by bringing moderately healthy enrollees (i.e. children and young adults) under the coverage.

In order to become eligible for this program, the enrollees will have to pass the income check and must prove their failure to avail insurance coverage through their parents or recruiters. This program provides a 3 month limited waiting period, sooner than the coverage commences.

Healthy Kids; a no profit making association offers accessibility to free and inexpensive health insurance for the kids and young adults who are devoid of any health coverage. A buy-in curriculum is presently run by Healthy Kids for the families having children till 18 years of age. A federal poverty earning value of 400% is included in the buy-in curriculum.

The standard stay for the buy-in plan is equal to 9 months. The families will be allowed to shift to other health care program with the change of their economic conditions.

In a Senate trial, Healthy Kids have stated that nearly 22,000 adults residing in New Hampshire, of the age group of 19 years to 25 years, are found to be without any health insurance coverage. As per surveys it was found that these young adults have no chances of getting under the coverage of their parents and are also unable to purchase the expensive health insurance policies available in the market. So at this juncture of time, it has become essential for the state government to take some positive actions to bring these uninsured youths under coverage. This coverage program is one such initiative.

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