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Nursing Homes are required to show ratings

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Nursing Homes are required to show ratings

Nursing Homes are required to show ratings

A new rating system entails nursing homes to show their ratings. Nursing homes are rated depending on their quality of care services and thus allows consumers to visit a nursing home by viewing their ratings. This article informs about this and the various specifications, pros and cons of this rating system.

A bill recently proposed, orders the nursing homes in Kentucky to show the ratings they obtain from the federal-based Five Star Rating System. This system of ratings was proposed by General Assembly by Rep. Carl Rollins, D-Midway. This bill was introduced by Rollins in order to make the nursing homes answerable.

Rollins remarked that since the preceding two legislative assemblies, he was ineffectively striving to pass a bill, which would entail the least percentage of employment levels for the nursing homes. Finally in December 2008, the inception of the rating system was proclaimed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Employment levels are a part of the sectors, rated beneath the latest federal-based Five Star Rating System. As per Rollins, showing the ratings will cheer the nursing homes, especially those that doesn't possess a 3-star rating or higher than that, to improve more.

The ratings are provided to the nursing homes depending on the value of care they offer to the patients. The new bill entails the nursing homes to place their rating generally in a major position of their building, that can easily be viewed by the people. Usually this location of positioning of the rating is in front of the nursing home or at its doorway.

Plus, the bill requires the nursing homes to clarify the system in the placement of its rating received. This means that if a nursing home receives a 5-start rating, it should illustrate its care services as much above average and if any nursing home facility receives a 1-star rating, it should illustrate its care services as much below average.

When the enactment of the new federal based rating system for nursing homes was declared; out of the 287 nursing homes present in Kentucky, nearly 23% availed 1-star rating whereas only 10% managed to bag a 5-star rating.

Probably, Kentucky may be the foremost state in the entire country to be under this decree. However, the President of Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform, Bernie Vonderheide has remarked that California is also on the verge of coming under this rating system. Vonderheide claimed that all people including the new patients, who are about to get admitted to any nursing home, can do so at their own discretion, after viewing the ratings of the nursing homes.

Conversely, the CEO and the President of Kentucky Association of Homes and Services for the Aging, Tim Veno has passed some different comments. As per Veno, the new rating system doesn't precisely illustrate the actual standard of care services delivered in the nursing homes present in Kentucky. The rating system is thus found to be ambiguous.

Veno is worried about the fact, that showing the rating may keep on proliferating ambiguous facts about a specific nursing home. This may also tarnish the image of a nursing home though it offers better care services.

He has urged that unless the federal government evaluates and upgrades the rating system, the government of Kentucky should not impose the bill as a law for its nursing homes.

However as per the general rule, each nursing home availing Medicare plus/otherwise Medicaid financial support is rated under the new rating process. Customers can avail the ratings and other details in the internet by logging on to

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