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Obama Summons Endeavors on Health Care and Energy

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Obama Summons Endeavors on Health Care and Energy

Obama Summons Endeavors on Health Care and Energy

Finally, President Obama seems to keep his promise for reviving the poor condition of the United States. He has proposed some legislation for the improvement of energy projects and health care system of the country. This article enumerates the proposals and the president's endeavors.

President Obama has remarked that conformity over the energy legislation, along with the guarantee of the support groups to invest trillion dollars of money from health care, signifies that Washington is modifying its outlook.

Few of the people who criticized the early initiatives on health care revival, vowed to minimize the yearly rate of increase in investment by 1.5%, recently in the middle of May 2009. Such a promise was made, so that they can keep their assurance to save 2 trillion dollars for the following 10 years.

After a long discussion for several weeks, the energy legislation was proposed finally. It is the foremost bill that would obligate decrease in heat-confining gases responsible for causing global warming, thus helping the nation to avail fresh energy sources.

When Obama was campaigning during the presidential elections, he vowed to achieve such a thing and finally it seems to come true.

On May 16, 2009 the president expressed his gratitude for the people who stood forward with him in accomplishing his objectives, and has called for endeavors on health care and energy projects. Obama selected some health insurance companies and private insurance providers including hospitals and physicians and invited them to attend the meeting on energy and health care proposal formulation.

Obama also remarked that the endeavors will also help in reinforcing the nation's economic condition, which is facing a severe blow because of recession. One of the sections of the proposed energy legislation will aid in opening up lots of employment opportunities, like in solar panel wind turbine manufacturing, producing substitutive fuels etc. so that the nation can save money on importing energy resources and fuels from abroad. Bills have also been put forward to keep health care expenses under control, thus allowing the people to make savings.

The Republican leaders have also shown their consent with Obama's proposals, as they too believe that a reform is required for changing the poor health care condition of the country. However, they opposed the proposal of providing customers with the choice of buying a health care coverage plan, which would be administered by the government. As per the Republicans, such a plan will be a threat to the existence of the employer-offered health insurance plans, ultimately turning the private insurance sellers out of business.

The Republicans also remarked that a government-sponsored health plan will empower the administrators, and not the people and the doctors, to undertake important decisions on health insurance and health care management. This would ultimately restrict preferences for accessing medical treatment and cause uneven distribution of health care services. People who will spend money for government-run insurance will have to pay higher taxes. Such an arrangement may allow people to access more benefits in comparison to the private health insurance plans, but will have disastrous effect for all in future.

However, Obama has clearly claimed that his objective is to revive the present health care scenario and not to deteriorate it, or offer substitutes for private insurance plans.

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