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Obama Supports Private and Public Medical Insurance

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Obama Supports Private and Public Medical Insurance

Obama Supports Private and Public Medical Insurance

President Obama supports the existence of both the private and the public medical insurance options in the health insurance market. As per him, there should not be any discrimination shown for any of these markets separately. He strictly abandons the idea of keeping only one insurance market open to the public, as it would create a monopoly trade, which is not desired. Obama's point of view has been supported by Kathleen Sebelius, who was found to speak for the president's proposals before the Congress. This article narrates the entire story in brief.

On May 6, 2009, the senior healthcare executive of the administration of President Obama directly discarded the proposal of presiding over the country's health insurance system. The official remarked that federal government doesn't desire to take control of the health insurance unit. Instead of that it has some other options, which are on process of formulation, one of which is developing a public plan.

In the very first meeting with the Congress, Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary for the US Department of Health and Human Services, remarked that the Obama administration averts from forming a monopoly business and therefore desires to formulate a public health care plan scheme that would support a competition.

Sebelius claimed that President Barack Obama doesn't wants to break apart the private health insurance business, and keep only the public insurance option open for the general people to avail insurance from. People should be allowed to opt for insurance either from the public or private health insurance options depending on their individual choices. Creating a single market will not serve the purpose but will worsen the nation's health care coverage scenario further.

Sebelius also expressed Obama's promise to develop an insurance program (which would be under the US government) that would contend with the private insurance companies. The government controlled insurance program should extend coverage for above 46 million US residents, who lacks medical insurance. This type of coverage will be much affordable to the people and would offer better benefits at lesser expenses.

Obama supports the existence and side-by-side completion among the private and the public health insurance industries. As per the president, this would help in the creation of innovative options of health care. In addition to this, competition between the two insurance markets will allow the people access to the best possible coverage at the most inexpensive rates, as the two markets will try to promote and sell their policies to the maximum number of people, by lowering their individual rates.

The statements of Sebelius came forward because of the attempts of the administration of Obama, to nullify the political controversies arising over the development of a public insurance option, as part of the nation's health care reform project.

Majority of the Republican leaders along with the insurance providers' remarked on May 6, 2009, that the availability of such a public health care plan will cause many private insurance organizations to encounter terrible losses, and ultimately compel them to dissolve their trade being unable to survive the competition.

Sebelius also said that since the past few years, the different states of the country provided their government workers with an option; that is to select in between private health care plan and public health insurance policy for getting medical coverage.

Sebelius also supported Obama's views of backing the presence of both the private and the public health plan. As per her, such a type of arrangement will work wonders and will also play a notable role in reviving the health care coverage status of the country.

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