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Obama to get Precise on Health Reform

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Obama to get Precise on Health Reform

Obama to get Precise on Health Reform

Since a long time onwards, the President of United States Barack Obama went on declaring his notions about the unfortunate health care condition of the nation and how will he overhaul it, but he didn't announced any of his reform measures specifically. Due to this many of the opposition party leaders have remarked that Obama's goals and reform procedures are indistinct. This has led the president to prioritize his objectives and offer information and updates on health care overhaul precisely, in order to clear further confusions.

From the time when Obama promised to reform the health care system of the nation, he went on facing various obstacles that has hindered his reform movement. But now the President seems to achieve his reform goals as soon as possible by the end of the year 2009.

Obama has planned to deliver a speech prior to September 15, 2009, to throw more light on the health care reform issue. The officials of the Obama administration has informed that in this speech, the president will clear most of the doubts of the people regarding health care and will be very particular about his reform objectives and further progress of the health care overhaul movement.

By September 8, 2009 the Congress reassembles after the August recess session, in which the opponents of Obama's reform proposals prevailed over several public meetings.

Few of the supporters of Obama, consider that the president offered too much freedom to the Congress, where one of the legislations was approved by 3 House committees, the other bill got approved by the Senate Committee and the third legislation was swamped down during the prolonged negotiations, which took place in Senate Finance Committee.

Obama proposed several health care reform measures one of which is launching a government-run public health plan that will contend with the existing private health plans in the health insurance market. However, he didn't give any clear idea about the features and terms of the public health plan and when it will be launched.

Advisor David Axelrod has opined that the current situation requires the President to specify his supreme priorities instead of suggesting new reform proposals. The scheduled speech of Sep 15 thus bears huge significance as people are curious about the next move of the president.

Before the scheduled date, Obama has planned to enter into a discussion with the Congressional Democrats upon the return of the Congress legislators.

People who opposed Obama's health reform measures did it because of many reasons. Some of these are explained below:

  • Critics think that Obama's reform measures signify the seizure of the nation's health care arrangement by the government.
  • As per the opponents, the introduction of the public health plan will make the survival of private health plans difficult and may be impossible to an extent.
  • It is also believed by the opponents that the Democratic reform procedures will limit health care choices of the common people and will make the nation incapable of making any monetary savings.

However, the supporters of the Democratic reform proposals and the officials of the Obama administration are trying their best to clear up misinterpretations regarding the proposed health care overhaul. Now it is completely upon the president as what to do regarding health reform.


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