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President Would Impose Bar Over McCain Healthcare Reform Plan

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President Would Impose Bar Over McCain Healthcare Reform Plan

President Would Impose Bar Over McCain Healthcare Reform Plan

The U.S. President Obama reported in an interview that he may veto over Sen. John McCain's healthcare reform bill reflecting his proposal from 2008 presidential election campaign.

On “Newshour with Jim Lehrer,” Obama mentioned that McCain proposed to completely eliminate barring on taxation of health advantages. McCain suggested taxing every employer-provided health advantages in return for tax credit that taxpayers may get for buying insurance.

Obama said that he had said it to be a wrong method to go since it would be troublemaking and the employers most likely to stop offering healthcare. McCain recommended everyone receives tax credit, but in reality that tax credit would not be enough to purchase health insurance in the market. So, Obama opposed it and said he would veto that bill if the approach was like that.

Although, Obama made a crusade against John McCain's plan, but till now the administration indicated that everything was under discussion. Senate Finance Committee has been thinking over some types of taxes to employee-provided health advantages to fund for the healthcare reform, but the unions oppose eliminating such tax-free health benefits.

Nevertheless, the evidence provided by the Douglas Elmendorf, the director for Congressional Budget Office added momentum to taxing the health benefits. According to him, it was one of the significant ways to lower healthcare expenses.

The president repeated his wish to have legislation to pass out of the Senate and the House prior to August recess. He said that he wants this done right now; nothing can be done here if there is no deadline.

Sen. Olympia Snowe put the deadline and after that, the Republicans questioned about president's “overly ambitious” deadline. Some of them even sought to get away this deadline.

Some of them consider healthcare reform as a chance for Obama to set back. Sen. Jim DeMint recently said that beating healthcare reform would be almost same to president's “Waterloo”.

The president told Lehrer, many Republicans wish to “dust off” the old playbook from 90s; while Bill Clinton administration's reform plan was defeated.

President added that the DeMint is saying that some of the Republicans view it like they saw in 93 and 94; and there was a major healthcare reform effort, last time.

Obama said that they openly want after former president Clinton and they don't want to get it done and that went down. Here, in Washington, the history is viewed in the way that helped defeat the Democrats. According to him, it was sheer political game that was played to help Republicans to regain House.

The president however appreciated Republican Senate Finance Committee members Snowe and Sens. Mike Enzi (Wy.) and Chuck Grassley (Iowa). He said that they are involved in very serious and difficult negotiations in spite of some sort of pressure from political operatives in their party which says you must not try to be responsible or constructive.

Obama was asked about the recent rise in poll numbers that explains support for his healthcare overhaul efforts is thinning even he is personally as popular as before.

President Obama said that this poll numbers show that what they are doing is difficult and he feels happy that the polls were help up under extremely difficult circumstances.

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