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Primary Care Condition May Improve in Rhode Island

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Primary Care Condition May Improve in Rhode Island

Primary Care Condition May Improve in Rhode Island

On August 23, 2009, health care officials declared about the launch of a new program to draw more number of primary care doctors in Rhode Island. This program has been ideated in the memory of Late Senator Kennedy and in view of the impending national health reform.

Just like other states of the nation, Rhode Island is also facing a deficit of primary care providers. This shortage has resulted in during such a period, when regular medical checkups and disease control measures are being treated as extremely important to reform the health care scenario of the country.

One of the major reasons for the deficit of primary care physicians in the state is because these doctors are paid much lesser by the government, in return of their services. That is why most doctors prefer to practice elsewhere and not in this region.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association of Rhode Island has teamed up with other organizations to start a program that would persuade greater number of fresh medical graduates to begin their careers, by serving as a primary care provider at Rhode Island.

It has been declared that those medical graduates, who would opt practicing in this state, would be offered a yearly sum of equal to $20,000 for a period of 4 years. This will enable them to an extent to repay their educational loans, which were taken by many of these students to pursue their medical education.

The Blue Cross and Rhode Island Foundation sponsored $500,000 and $600,000 respectively to raise a fund of 1.1 million dollars for the program. Rhode Island Student Loan Authority and Rhode Island Medical Society are some of the other supporters of the program. Together they are planning to avail more funding from other sources.

Neil Steinberg, the CEO and the president of Rhode Island Foundation, stated the following:

  • Around 66,000 residents the state reported about the deficit of primary care physicians since quite a long time onwards.
  • None of the students of Rhode Island's Brown University opt for being a primary care doctor in the region after graduating from the university.

Presently, most of the new graduates of different medical schools had to repay an educational loan amount of $140,000 on an average. However, those students who study in expensive medical colleges may have to repay more than this figure. So, if they practice in Rhode Island, they will be able to repay the loan amount conveniently with the compensation offered to them for their services.

Not only the primary care doctors, but the program is also planning to bring in other health care professionals, nurses, dentists, doctor's assistants, medical aides etc. to Rhode Island by the end of September 2009, in lieu of better remuneration. It is expected by the health care officials and the members of the foundation that the availability of primary care services at Rhode Island will improve very soon by the aid of this program.


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