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Project undertaken to combat childhood obesity

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Project undertaken to combat childhood obesity

Project undertaken to combat childhood obesity

The rate of obesity is increasing like wild fire among the children. Even with a health insurance, the parents of these children finds it difficult to access healthcare services and pay for them. So now a project has been undertaken by several medical groups and insurance companies to prevent childhood obesity. This article summarizes the entire story.

On February 19, 2009, an association of health organizations and insurance policy sellers declared about their project of fighting with the country's major health troubles and that is to prevent obesity in children. This is in fact one of the unique schemes ever formulated.

The executives of Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a combined cooperation of William J. Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association, remarked that the project was formulated to enable the children avail improved healthcare services to prevent obesity. The private insurance companies who would take part in this project are required to compensate not less than 4 visits to any dietician, plus 4 visits to any physician per year. This should be done in order to offer assistance to the children including their parents on maintaining a proper diet and nutrition. In addition to this, guidance will also be offered to them on body weight loss in a proper way.

Recent surveys proves that above 1/3rd of the population of children present in the nation are found to be affected with obesity or have excess weight. It has now raised worries that if most of the children falls prey to obesity, then they will comprise the 1st generation of people who have a span of life, which is shorter in comparison to their parents. The major hurdle that most of the families in the United States confronts in combating obesity, is to receive compensation from the insurance companies for doctor checkups and for other healthcare services.

BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts and of North Carolina have put their signatures on the project proposal. Even 2 of the leading health insurance companies; WellPoint and Aetna have also signed the proposal. This shows their support for the project to prevent the growth of obesity rate among the children. Other companies and organizations like Paychex, PepsiCo, Owens Corning etc. have enrolled for the project. They have proposed to provide such healthcare service facilities to the children of their company's staffs.

A number of healthcare groups, that comprises of the American Dietetic Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, have vowed to offer their proficiency and assistance in order to supervise the entire project. It is hoped that soon, other healthcare organizations and health insurance providers will lay their cooperation for the implementation of the project.

It is also being supposed by the project planners that with this effort, healthcare services and insurance coverage will be offered, in the initial year, to around one million children. In case this happens to continue like this, then in between 3 years, the benefits will be accessible by above six million children.

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