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Recession checks Massachusetts Health Care System

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Recession checks Massachusetts Health Care System

Recession checks Massachusetts Health Care System

Recession has put a check on the Massachusetts health care system. Most of the people have lost their jobs and along with this, the state is penalizing those who are uninsured. This has given rise to a serious quandary. This article reports the scene along with the different tasks that are being done to counter the crisis.

The current economic downturn puts the Massachusetts Health Care System under test. Massachusetts is specially known for its leading health care system. It makes its obligatory for its residents to possess a health insurance. Uninsured citizens are penalized by the government of this state.

Redundancy in this state has increased since the preceding 3 years onwards from 4.8% to nearly 7%. This implies that above 72,000 people have turned unemployed at present than the time when the rule was formulated in the year 2006. A majority of the people who have recently turned out of job are now required to purchase a health insurance for themselves.

So now the question is that how will these unemployed people can purchase a health insurance? Another question that remains that; will any uninsured citizens be fined by the state? In fact, the biggest query that has copped up in between is that how will this state put up with the additional expenses of backing the programs.

In a country where the administrative committee of Obama is planning to increase health insurance coverage for the entire nation, the destiny of the Massachusetts health care program is under close inspection. Kaiser Family Foundation has remarked that the main responsibility of the people of Massachusetts will be to find out different ways of getting health insurance coverage, during this present recession.

However, many government officials believe that the people, who have been recently turned out of jobs, will definitely choose a wise option to avail health care coverage. The law assures almost free coverage for those who have zero purchasing power, formulates funding schemes for those people who constitute equal to 3 times of the poverty rank. Plus, the law also arranges for inexpensive private health insurance options for people who are employed, but runs on medium budget.

However, the Dean of Health Care Connector Authority Board, Leslie Kirwan, has especially praised the state for presenting a host of new options of health insurance for the residents of Massachusetts. For instance, Boston based four-member family whose income is $42,000 can avail any subsidized health insurance by paying only $39 each month as the premium. Also, with this income, the same family can avail any standard health insurance coverage by paying a monthly premium of $766. Kirwan has thus hoped that this great accessibility to get coverage will somewhat ease the current situation.

In addition to this, for the people who became unemployed, the state offers coverage for almost the full cost of running the health insurance policy, till the time these people continue to receive their unemployment checks; that generally remains for about 46 weeks.

Those individuals, who will not be able to avail health insurance, will have to pay fines, which might exceed $1,000 per person. This penalty must be paid by the person in this year's taxing session and is generally deducted from the tax refund of the person. In case the tax refund is insufficient to meet the penalty, the remaining amount of money is billed to the person by the state.

The Revenue Department of the State claimed that in the tax year of 2007, around 60,000 citizens were fined as they did not possess any health insurance coverage. In the year 2007, the fine that was required to be paid by each uninsured person was $219, whereas the headperson of the family was penalized a sum of $338. However, for the 10's of 1,000's of other uninsured people who paid the taxes; received a waiver from paying the fine.

However, the Massachusetts government has claimed that their chief idea is not to obtain fines, under the pretext of health care issues, from people. They are only trying to stress the people to get health insurance in order to lead a secured, healthy life and also to prevent excess flow of money for health care expenses.

In this current phase of recession, the people are trying to get hold of subsidized health care policies as it has proved to be much inexpensive than the other plans. The present budget, proposed investing a sum of about $820 million for allowing 164,000 people to get coverage under subsidized health care policies. Democratic Governor Deval Patrick has devised a budget plan for the financial year which commences from July 1, 2009. This budget plan will increase the investment to about $880 million, to bring around 180,000 under the coverage of subsidized health care policies.

The governor including two leaders of the highest designation in Legislature vowed to look after the maintenance of the program. In spite of the requirement for billions of money, many important proposals and price cuts have been made in this year's budget plan and also in the plan of 2010 in order to stabilize the program expenditures.

However, many other officials in the administration has stressed on the fact the government of Massachusetts should focus on controlling the increasing rate of redundancy and improve the economic status, rather than making new health care proposals and investing for subsidized plans.

Brad Jones, the House Republican Leader has remarked that it is necessary to mandate or reconstruct the poor financial status. Those people who have been turned out of job should not be pressurized to avail health care plans. This is because unless the people have money, they will not be able to afford a health care coverage. In addition to this, Jones stressed for offering waiver of fines for the people who have become unemployed. Health Insurance is no doubt necessary, but that doesn't means that people will have to comprise with their bread and butter for availing it.

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