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Red Light Running Takes Hundreds of Lives Every Year

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Red Light Running Takes Hundreds of Lives Every Year

Red Light Running Takes Hundreds of Lives Every Year

Red light running has become one of the most important causes of road crashes. One third of the motorists drive vehicle on American road has confessed that they often race through red lights. Although other reasons such as drunk driving, reckless driving and high-speeding are there behind deadly auto-crashes; but stop lights running as a key reason is also coming into place.

According to a survey conducted in 2005 by Farmers Insurance Group of Companies; around 35% of the total drivers acknowledged they had broken the traffic rule by running a stop light in the previous year. This is a serious and fatal offense that takes hundreds of lives every year, especially in the city areas. And, unfortunately the number is getting raised by every year. As per the statistics produced by IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over 210,000 injuries along with more than 1,200 deaths take place every year in the congested and busy areas of the country.

Stop light running or Red light running may be defined as a driver intentionally crossing the threshold after the green signal has turned into red. The problem gets worsened as the drivers move faster while get through a stop light to avoid the traffic tending to set off from other sides; as explained by the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. This explanation also includes that this tendency of the motorists to accelerate speed through the crossing areas often becomes deadly for the pedestrians walking through the intersection.

After keeping a keen eye on the entire situation for several months, Mr. Jeff Beyer; the chief communications officer and senior vice president of Farmers Insurance Group of Companies said that motorists should think about whether it is really wise to drive through a red signal to save only few seconds. They should take resolution to not to disobey traffic rules any more. This resolution can save hundreds of lives and prevents thousands of injuries and damages, each year.

The study conducted by Farmers Insurance Group of Companies revealed that men are more likely to commit this offense than women. And, this inclination towards breaking traffic regulations is much higher among males belong to the ages between 18 and 34. According to the report of the survey, most of them are routine delinquents who committed this offense more than once.

Although, utilization of red light cameras would act as a proficient device to reduce number of red light running, but unfortunately this facility is available in only few states of the country. As explained by IIHS, every year, almost 1000 people die and thousands of people get injured in the accidents caused by stop light running.

Mr. Beyer also included that loss of life is always pathetic but it is more pathetic if occurred out of carelessness of somebody else. Innocent pedestrians and other drivers are mostly included in the list of victims of red light crashes.


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