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Some of the major health disorders that affect men

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Some of the major health disorders that affect men

Some of the major health disorders that affect men

The major health disorders and syndromes that occur in men

Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

One of the common health disorders that are faced by men is High Blood Pressure, which is otherwise known as Hypertension. Whenever the blood pressure analysis is done, the result is generally depicted into two figures. The first one generally represents the Systolic Pressure, which corresponds to when the heart starts beating. Whenever the systolic pressure goes above 140, then it is termed that the systolic pressure is higher. The other figure which is below the systolic pressure is the Diastolic Pressure. It represents the pressure inside the blood vessels, when the heart doesn't beats. When the diastolic pressure goes above 90, then this pressure is referred as high. However, there are many reasons for which there is alteration and increase of blood pressure. Some of them are like hormonal imbalance in the body, the condition of one's kidneys, nervous system and the blood capillaries, percentage of water and salt content in the body and many more.

Prostrate Cancer

Another most common disease that affects most men is the Prostrate Cancer. This type of disease generally ends up with the enlargement of one of the main sex glands present in the males. The prostrate gland is approximately similar to a walnut's size and is present somewhat at the rear side of the urinary bladder. Formation of a tumor in the prostrate glands marks the initiation of prostrate cancer, and this tumor delays or obstructs the control of the urinary bladder along with usual sexual operations. Troubles and pains during the process of urination is a common syndication of prostrate cancer.

Heart Syndromes

One of the common reasons for most of the heart syndromes and diseases is Atherosclerosis, which involves the accumulation of lipid substances on the interior walls of the arteries. This also catalyzes the accumulation of calcium and blood, tough tissues to get deposited on the inner arterial wall. This ultimately leads to the formation of hard and solid substances known as Plaques, which is responsible for causing obstruction of the arteries. However, there are several other reasons for the occurrence of heart diseases.


A person is said to be suffering from obesity when his body mass index exceeds the value of 30. An obese person accumulates greater amount of fatty tissues and substances in and around the upper portion of his body. Although obesity is also found in women, but in comparison to the males the rate of damage by obesity in women is much lesser. This is stated as per the studies conducted by doctors and researchers. Men, who are challenged with the problem of obesity, generally have less patience and stamina and more trouble in controlling carbohydrate operations in the body, when compared to the females (who have obesity).

Diseases that occurs in the Lungs

Reports state that most of the residents of the U.S die because of the different diseases that occur in their lungs. There are several indications of these types of diseases. Sometimes lung diseases makes a person out of breath, leads to respiratory malfunctioning, experience heavy chest ache, bulging of the lungs, terrible cough with accompanied with blood, cyanosis (a condition when the skin gets bluish in color), throat pains and many more.

Few Guidelines for men to stay healthy

Although men have lesser hold and control over the occurrence of the above mentioned health problems and diseases, but still they can keep a check on them. For this they must possess the determination in them to lead a healthy life. Here are some of the expert's tips to stay healthy:

  • Men should regularly go for their prescribed health check ups that includes blood pressure checkup, cholesterol tests, diabetes tests, cancer screenings, obesity tracking's, depression control tests etc.
  • One should stick to the medicines and treatment as prescribed by his doctor.
  • Try to adopt a healthy diet everyday.
  • Practicing physical exercises to remain energetic all day long.
  • Men should refrain themselves from the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco.

Men should need to think that their lives are not only precious to them but also for their family members. So it is a duty that every man should follow. In addition to this, it is very much required for them to select the ideal healthcare plan to protect their lives. With a suitable health insurance policy one can get cover for the required medical treatment and services, health checkups and other healthcare expenses.

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