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Spring time allergies: Different ways of protecting yourself

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Spring time allergies: Different ways of protecting yourself

Spring time allergies: Different ways of protecting yourself

The spring season is in fact the one of the favorite seasons of many people. During this time new and young flowers bloom and new leaves come out of their branches. But, this spirit of nature may be disadvantageous for those people who are affected with seasonal allergies. This is because the pollens, dust particles and molds get suspended in the air and these are responsible for causing typical allergic reactions in people. Some of these include itching and irritation in the eyes, sneezing etc. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has quoted that above 40 million inhabitants of the United States fall prey to spring time allergies.

There are health insurance plans that are designed to provide cover to people for all the diseases, and required treatment for 365 days in a year. But still people should protect themselves from the seasonal allergies that take place especially during the spring. This is because, these are season specific allergies and vary from person to person; making it a bit difficult to find insurance polices that provides cover for meeting the treatment expenses. In this time it is therefore very much essential to spend less time outdoors when the pollen particles exchanges are at the crest. But, besides that one should also take enough preventive measures and medications that would prohibit seasonal allergies from occurring. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The spring season is much luring. The blooming flowers lure many people on stroll to take a pause and smell their fresh aroma. But one should strictly abandon this idea. The pollen particles are fresh and loosely scattered in the flowers which can easily enter one’s nose and cause sneezing and irritation.
  • It is suggested that people should keep their windows and wall outlets closed and switch on their air conditioners. The pollen and dust particles that are carried through the air, finds easy to enter the houses through the windows and hold on with the curtains, towels, furniture, mattresses etc. Air conditioners are provided with filters, which prevent the entry of pollen and dusts, and also maintain a desired temperature that minimizes the effect of allergy causing microorganisms carried by the wind.
  • People who have the allergic tendency and are greatly susceptible to spring time allergies, should install air purification systems and HEPA filters in their homes. These help in purifying the air and make it free of molds, pollens and dusts. Installing filters wards off the entry of these particles from entering the houses and thus prevents allergies. Filters must also be kept dirt free to ensure the operation of its proper function.
  • One should possess the habit of cleaning their home, furniture, curtains, and carpets regularly. Be sure to cover the nose, ears and mouth during cleaning. Regular cleaning doesn’t allow these allergy causing microorganisms to settle down on objects and furniture, thus preventing the allergic reaction.
  • It is also mandatory for people to clean and rinse their mattresses, towels, curtains and other bedding and furnishing fabrics in hot water (that has got a temperature of 125-130 degrees or above). Be sure to dry them at home and not in laundry to ensure no-adherence of pollen and dust.
  • It is also advisable to use a vacuum cleaner with the power of micro cleaning technology. It should be used it to clean the every nook and corners of the room of the house. This will ensure in keeping the indoor air and environment free of germs, pollens and molds.
  • Those people who have pets in their homes should take adequate care of them. Their body and fur should be kept cleaned and dirt-free. Ensure their cleaning after they enter the house from the outdoors. The pollen and dusts finds easy to cling to their body surface, furs and hairs and thus enters the house. If bedding is present separately for pets, then that should also be rinsed and cleaned regularly.

On following the above preventive measures, one can stay free of spring time allergies and can also reduce the occurrence of allergies from affecting their family members. However, people must also choose a health insurance program that is dependable, and which provides cover to such allergies and the expenses involved in their treatment procedures, doctor visits and medicine charges.

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