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Survey reveals American health care too pricey

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Survey reveals American health care too pricey

Survey reveals American health care too pricey

A survey conducted recently this March 2009 by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation revealed that; American health care is too expensive to be afforded by small and medium income families. Many people showed their contentment for their health insurance coverage, but were not at all satisfied with the ultimate cost of health care. Not only had this but the poll revealed many other outcomes. This article enumerates other results of the survey, simultaneously reflecting the general opinion of the Americans about the country's health care.

A survey conducted throughout the country reveals that the residents of the United States prefer their health insurance coverage, but however they are discontented with the general expenses of health care.

US President Barack Obama has himself remarked that the economic condition of the nation will only be improved if the costs of health care are reduced.

Above 8 out of 10 residents of the country, who were among the survey of CNN/Opinion Research Corporation reported they were contented with the standard and quality of health care services they avail. The reports were brought out on March 19, 2009. Around 3 out of 4 people remarked that are satisfied with their general health insurance coverage.

However, the level of contentment falls down to 52%, when considering the sum of money paid by the Americans for receiving health care services. It was seen that above 3 of 4 residents of the nation expressed their discontentment with the entire cost of health care.

The Survey Director of CNN; Keating Holland, has remarked that when the people of United States express their will for the health care renovation of the country, it doesn't implies that they want to get out of their insurance coverage or quit their doctors. As per him, Clinton's administration didn't understand this in the year 1993, as a result of which health care system of the country has weakened today.

Around 50% of the nation's citizens who were surveyed expressed their belief that none of their family members will get out of health care coverage. Nevertheless, 29% remarked that they are convinced about their capability to pay the hospital and medical bills, in case any one of their family members requires emergency medical treatment.

Holland urged the government for controlling the costs of health care in such a manner, so as the residents of the country can continue their present health insurance coverage and also their existing health care service providers.

President Obama and his administration consider the health care reform as their prime concern and therefore desire to produce a $364 billion subsidy to fund the program.

From March 12 to March 14, 2009, the CNN/Opinion Research Poll was carried out in the entire nation. Among the different people questioned, 1,019 adult people of the country were surveyed via telephone. A sampling fault of +/- 3% points is considered with the survey after it was conducted.

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