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Swine Flu Cause Impact on Uninsured People

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Swine Flu Cause Impact on Uninsured People

Swine Flu Cause Impact on Uninsured People

The Swine flu has made its entry inside United States but it is still in a nascent stage. Security measures are being adopted to ward off this epidemic, but it is seen that the uninsured people will be adversely affected through this due to their limited purchasing power to pay for health care. This article highlights the issue.

It is supposed that the recent outbreak of the swine flu will have a terrible impact on the already worsened health care condition of United States. The scientists of leading clinical laboratories of the nation are hopeful about preparing a new vaccine which is resistant to the flu virus.

However, the problem is that presently, a majority of the people of the country are devoid of any health insurance coverage. Therefore, the outbreak of the swine flu in these circumstances has concerned many doctors about the fact that many people may not access required protection against the diseases due of the costs involved. It may leave the nation more susceptible to the disease.

The people who lack health insurance are the worst sufferers of any flu outbreak. The densely populated hospital emergency chambers, self-treatment and taking drugs without a doctor's prescription etc. are some of the common scenarios of any flu outbreak. It is feared that there will be a similar repetition of these things again with the impending epidemic. Even there are many such citizens who are unacquainted with the fact, that they can visit the local community health clubs (which are sponsored by the federal government) and get a medical checkup from physicians and nurses for free or at much inexpensive rates.

Assisting approximately around 50 million people lacking health insurance denotes much excess than merely funding for their treatment and care services. For instance, no taxpayers will pay for the health care of the immigrants who are found to stay in the country unlawfully.

As per the public health professionals, if it is needed to ward off a deadly disorder from affecting the country; then it is much crucial to increase medical surveillance.

The American Public Health Association's Executive Director, Dr. Georges Benjamin has remarked that people suspending health care during a flu outbreak are not only putting their health at risk, but they are also increasing heath threats for others. However, these people can't be blamed as they are the unfortunate victims of recession, unemployment and also the poor economic and health care system of the nation.

The policymakers are by now planning to introduce penalties for people who don't have health insurance, insurance providers, who don't make their policies affordable and the companies, who don't offer insurance to their employees. Along with this, the Congress is also devising its health care reform strategies to revive the poor health care system of the country. But it is supposed that all these things won't be in effect if the notorious swine flu affects the nation in full swing by this year.

Several senators have proposed a bill to release funding for the interim health care treatment for people without health insurance in times of a severe health crisis. These may be any contingencies like flood, tornadoes, plague or even the swine flu epidemic.

Also the Democratic leader of Iowa, Senator Tom Harkin has suggested to provide each American a yearly flu shot at no cost.

The administration of President Obama has not sided with any of these legislations yet. However, it has initiated the distribution of flu resisting drugs and shots to the community health clubs that offers primary health care services, for people who are devoid of medical insurance.

A popular health group called the Trust for America's Health has expressed its opinion in the favor of offering free treatment and medications to the uninsured people, especially when the swine flu is making its way into the country. It believes that most of the people of the nation are uninsured because of their inability to afford health insurance. The rising health care costs and the growing problem of unemployment have compelled them to drop the idea of having a medical insurance. So they shouldn't be kept away from accessing medical care services.

The other issues of the health care bill are on process of further development. The governmental insurance will hardly cover any of the treatment services required, in case of any public health crisis. In such a time, handling the uninsured will be much less challenging than handing the immigrants, as the latter were born in other countries.

The time when the Republicans dominated the Congress, it denied from offering protection and health care to the immigrants, including those who have authorized immigration documents. But today, when the Democrats took over the Congress, this rule was amended and lawful immigrants were offered access to health care services and even insurance.

Presently, proposals are being forwarded to offer a much limited care services to the unlawful immigrants for a temporary period. Many senators are also found to support this view and show temporary tolerance to the unlawful immigrants in this regard.


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