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The Blacks in Utah confronts severe health hurdles

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The Blacks in Utah confronts severe health hurdles

The Blacks in Utah confronts severe health hurdles

The Utah Blacks is exposed to severe health risks. Inability to obtain health insurance, lack of prenatal care for pregnant women, higher death rate of infants are some of the nightmares that these people confront every moment. This article reports their agony and also informs about what is being done for their rescue.

As per a latest report released on January 15, it has been stated that the Utah Blacks is confronting severe health hurdles.

The Utah Blacks smokes heavily and is also exposed to many diseases. A majority of them are devoid of any health insurance coverage, when compared to the other race of people residing in Utah. Almost a part of the women populations who are pregnant are not provided sufficient prenatal care services.

Even studies show that a baby born in the black family has double the risk of facing early death, when compared to that of the babies of other ethnic groups. The Utah Department of Health's Center for Multicultural Health brought out these facts after conducting different studies. Soon it will bring out details on other marginal sections of Utah. Their aim is to notify the race beforehand about their probable health troubles and also to enable the health department of the state to concentrate on its endeavors.

Nearly 1.5% of the population of Utah, which comes out to about 40,000 people, consists of the Blacks. Naturally there remains a chance of negligence for this minor community. However, the Harambee African American Tobacco and Health Network have promised that the Utah Blacks will not be neglected because of their small population but should be given uniform precedence. Betty Sawyer, the director of this health network is working on it and even claimed of bringing this issue to the Christian communities of the state.

The most important concern for the Utah Blacks is their birth rate. It has become a common thing for these people to confront greater rate of early birth and even greater rate of newborn deaths. Because of improper maternal care and sickness among the pregnant women, they often have to give birth to premature babies. Despite, no such positive efforts are taken till now to combat this situation.

A subsidy of $1 million has been bestowed to the health department of Utah by the federal government, to advocate women's health sooner than then turn pregnant, because of the delayed availability of prenatal care. The women of minimal income families, minority groups and even of the blacks have been aimed for health improvement schemes by utilizing the government's funds.

The health department is expecting to make Medicaid coverage accessible for most of the people, by increasing the eligibility criteria of the insurance. This is done so that greater number of women can get entitled for receiving prenatal care. But on the other hand, the policymakers are planning to suspend coverage for few pregnant women, in order to limit the flow of state funds. Even it is being heard as per the reports of the University of Utah's Division of Public Health and Office of Global Health that, the policymakers are planning to eradicate the multicultural healthcare section.

Therefore, as per the health supporters and non-profit organizations, it is the high time to undertake some prominent actions so as to combat all obstacles and develop the quality of health for all the masses residing in Utah, including the Blacks. In order to achieve that one needs to fight with racial discrimination, poverty and social politics as they stand in the way of developing a healthy society.

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