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The Dental Health Rank of the State is ascending

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The Dental Health Rank of the State is ascending

The Dental Health Rank of the State is ascending

The state of Kansas availed Rank B for dental health category. But there are several hurdles before it that is obstructing it from securing higher ranks. This article discusses all such hurdles and also mentions the recommendations for higher rank availability.

The Dental care programs conducted in Kansas have secured the rank B for the state, a drastic progress from the D-plus rank which it earned in the year 2003.

The associates of the Oral Health Kansas (OHK), health care body of the state, are satisfied with this gradual development in rank, for the time being. The organization has stated that the chief obstacle, which is blocking their path of progress, is the lack of finances from the state. So the officials of the OHK organization are continuing their work with the available resources.

As per the remarks of the OHK officials; Wichita, a populated region of Kansas is still lagging behind as they do not practice the process of combining fluoride in its water, which is used for drinking purposes. This is creating another blockade in their mission for availing better dental health rank.

It must be mentioned that the Rank B is provided depending on a general basis. Kansas got Rank D in the State Policies class. This is mainly because of Wichita. Therefore, if Kansas needs to maintain at least the Rank B always (if not possible to rise to a higher rank), then it should ask Wichita to practice fluoridation in drinking water.

The President of the OHK organization, Denise Maseman has remarked that when a person brushes teeth using fluoridated toothpaste then it aids in dental development but it doesn't protects the tooth from decaying. However, it has been found that water containing fluoride can help fight tooth decay and provide efficient safety.

In order to develop the dental health condition of the Kansans and to offer provisions for dental safety, the OHK collaborated with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and appointed a dental director for the state in the year 2006.

OHK then launched a study under the agreement to Oral Health in America. The latter is the association that gave the rankings to Kansas. Depending on the study, the following things were recommended:

  • Augmentation of Medicaid network to the adults so that they can also avail dental health coverage. Also the number of dentists should be amplified so that they treat the patients under Medicaid coverage and accept the Medicaid payment approved for dental care.
  • Increasing the number of dental care plans and making them accessible to the backward regions of the state.
  • Dissemination of education and awareness among caregivers, pregnant women, parents and the elder people on dental care and safety.
  • Campaign for health and nutrition among the state's children. This should be done especially in the nursery and primary schools.

If these recommendations are implemented, then Kansas may avail a higher rank in the future years.

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