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The different Superbugs causing infections

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The different Superbugs causing infections

The different Superbugs causing infections

We are all well versed with the growing menace of various transmittable diseases. This threat still exists with us in the present century. It may be because our lifestyle trends and the different medicines discovered so far were found to be incompetent. People move from one place to another and carry these diseases along with them. This causes the germs to spread from one place to another and from one human body to the other. As per the recent studies conducted, it reveals that these germs have the ability to withstand the effect of most of the drugs. So a huge demand in on the rise, that requires the discovery of new and powerful antibiotics, which can successfully challenge these disease spreading germs and curb their actions. If this is not done in time then a virulent disease is going to spread very soon.

A report has thus been provided below that illustrates the different superbugs and the disasters they brought which has led the entire world to worry. Also provided are the different remedial measures that are in action and, which are being modified further to nullify their effects in the present and in the mere future.

The Bird Flu tragedy and its remedies

We all have witnessed the tragedies that were brought by the SARS Epidemic, and now scientists are moving on with the Bird Flu disease. Reports have inferred that it is mainly found to affect the birds. Bird Flu; to be more specific, the Avian Influenza virus is found to posses the power of mutation, i.e. it can replicate its DNA strand (H5N1) and can thus spread causing more infections. However human beings are not spared from this infection. From the year 2003 health experts have found bird flu virus infecting human population too. But they do not accept that the mutated form of the Avian Influenza viruses have spread to human beings. It was mainly because that those people who got infected had however made a got in touch with with the birds that were affected by this virus previously.

Diverse research and experiments were conducted to prevent the bird flu disease but very few proved to be efficient. According to David Nabarro of United Nations, the director in charge of this disease; it would need few more years of research to find out an effective way of fighting with bird flu.

Diseases that are transmitted through foods

Food borne diseases spreads mainly in those cities that are heavily populated. We are all aware of how the people got infected when viral diseases were spread earlier through spinach consumption all of a sudden. A lot of people can get easily infected with E.coli or the Salmonella as these can spread quickly through food and water without giving anyone the chance to take remedial measures.

Farmers and people linked with agriculture of Arizona and California are adopting stringent measures to grow crops free of these deadly germs and viruses. Later federal laws were applied to guarantee the growth of safe crops.

The Department of Agriculture of the United States is now thinking of introducing regulations for secure handling of salad goods to curb the spread of food borne diseases. Depending on this, the Agricultural Marketing Service of USDA has ultimately formulated similar rules for safe handling of green leafy vegetables.

The Deadly MRSA

The MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is causing huge tension for scientists as because; it can combat with the most powerful antibiotics like the amoxicillin and penicillin. All these drugs have positively terminated these deadly viruses many years earlier but now fall short for these highly resistant superbugs. That is why today doctors hesitate to prescribe antibiotics to treat viral infections as because there will be no result.

However to keep the spread of MRSA in check, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carry on huge studies, observations and even provide medical support.

How to combat this Infectious Disease

There are however few possible ways of fighting against the infectious disease spread by superbugs. Some of them are illustrated below:

  • It is very much important to maintain personal sanitation. That is why it is essential to wash hands after cooking or eating.
  • It is also much important to stick to the updated vaccines and antibiotics.
  • On developing any wounds or infections it is essential to consult a physician or doctor immediately.
  • A close observation must be kept on the health of pets.
  • Adequate protective measures must be adopted during sex.
  • Before traveling to distant places people should collect adequate information about the health conditions of the place they are going to visit.

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