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The Discovery of the Diabetes Gene

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The Discovery of the Diabetes Gene

The Discovery of the Diabetes Gene

Decode Genetics; a scientific research company situated at Reykjavik, Ireland is being credited to detect the variant gene that is responsible for causing Diabetes (Type 2). Scientists of Decode Genetics came to the conclusion after discovering this gene that, 1/3 of the total human population of the United States bears this variant gene in their DNA.

Advantages of the Discovery

Of course the discovery of the Diabetes causing gene means a lot to the entire nation. Now scientists are confirmed about the source of Diabetes, a very dreadful disease that has crippled the lives of many people. Now with this discovery, scientists will be able to examine people and can quickly determine whether they posses such a gene in their DNA. Then they can quickly conduct the required treatment in these patients in order to prevent diabetes from occurring.

With the effective diagnostics, scientists and doctors will be able to trace this variant gene and eliminate them from the respective people’s DNA. Thus about 21% of the total probable diabetes issues will be eradicated.

A brief intro of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is worrying a huge population of people in the United States and also of the entire globe. It generally occurs when the glucose level of the blood of a human being rises above the average level. The glucose level increases in the blood because of few reasons. The hormone insulin is released by the pancreas and it helps to transfer the sugar (glucose) from the blood to the cells. In case the pancreas fails to secrete insulin or is unable to employ the insulin, the sugar content cannot enter the cells and as a result its concentration increases in the blood. This causes diabetes. Sudden losses of body weight, unnecessary urination, fatigue etc. are some of the common indications of diabetes. In addition to this diabetes also causes several side effects like kidney abnormalities, cardiac diseases and many others.

It is also because of heredity reasons that causes diabetes like Type 2 (the reason of which is mentioned above). Although middle aged people and elderly persons are said to be affected with Type 2 Diabetes, but now, younger people are also reported to be affected with this disease. Doctors claim that about 90% of their diabetic patients have the Type 2 Diabetes.

As per facts it is being researched that in the year 2005, 20.8 million American inhabitants were diabetic patients. Out of them 14.6 million patients were subjected to medical treatment and the rest 6.2 million people were rendered untreated.

Human Genome Project: an important assignment executed

Starting from the year 1990 till the year 2003, the National Institute of Health and the Department of Energy of the United States, conducted a project jointly and it is known as the Human Genome Project. This project was organized and carried out internationally across the globe. Countries like Germany, China, Japan, France, United Kingdom and many other nations participated in this research project along with the United States. The main objective of the Human Genome Project was to recognize 20,000-25,000 genes, which are found to be present in the DNA strands of human beings. In addition to this, the other goal of the project was to ascertain the elements that constitute the DNA strand, i.e. the 3 billion chemical pair chain.


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