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The Effects of Michael Moore's film 'Sicko' on U.S. Healthcare issues

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The Effects of Michael Moores film Sicko on U.S. Healthcare issues

The Effects of Michael Moore's film 'Sicko' on U.S. Healthcare issues

Michael Moore has portrayed the ultimate reality of the United States healthcare conditions through his documentary film, named as 'Sicko'. It was released at such a period, when different thoughts and ideas of improvement were proposed forward, which were on the verge of initiating a highly required argument about the upcoming situations of the American healthcare business. It has been reported that, more than $2 trillion is spend every year on healthcare expenses alone in the United States, a record that beats any other nations' healthcare expenditure in the whole world. Economy experts has remarked, that if this goes on continuing then by the year 2015, this figure of expenditure will be twice the original value.

The central theme of the documentary of Michael Moore deals with the huge economic load, which has been put upon the shoulders of the people residing in the U.S. In addition to this, the health troubles that were confronted by the people, who survived the disastrous incident of September 11th, were specially highlighted in the documentary film. Michael Moore himself had a talk with few of the inhabitants living in Manhattan situated much close to Ground Zero, who informed of their breathing troubles and other disorders, which occurred in them and their family members because of the dreadful incident. A lot of them complained that they were handed with huge and costly medical bills by the hospitals which are still left as a due to be paid. On the other hand, many people complained of the absence of the adequate treatment procedures and cure methods, which exposed them towards the threat of possible syndromes and disorders, which is supposed to be permanent and painful.

Michael Moore's Elucidation on Healthcare

After thorough analysis of the present healthcare condition of the United States, Michael Moore, the voice of the common men and their grievances have made some heartrending comments, and have also presented some different types of prophecies for the future of the healthcare system of the nation. Michael has strongly raised his criticisms against the present structure of private healthcare system that has cropped up in the nation in recent years. As per Moore, there is a huge confusion about the mission statement of the private healthcare system; whether it is public wellbeing or profit making. In order to represent the fact about how the different public healthcare organizations compete against each other, thus degrading the standard of medical treatment and healthcare services and also making them inaccessible to the common men with inadequate funds, Moore organized a tour to Cuba for all his ailing interviewees.

Initially Moore and his ailing interviewees were disappointed by the doctors and hospitals, due to the lack of proper medical facilities and treatment services in the United States. After this, Moore turned his attention to the facility at Guantanamo Bay and applied for the availability of medical facilities to the same. It was earlier heard, that the enemy prisoners used to obtain medical services and treatment from this facility completely free of charge. However, the application made by Moore for the availability of medical services for his men was rejected by the agents of the facility, and his sick interviewees were also deprived of medical care.

As the medical authorities of U.S turned a deaf ear to Moore's requests, he moved to Havana in Cuba with his ailing men, where they received sufficient medical treatment and other facilities from the Cuban Physicians with utmost care. This service was offered to them by the doctors against a small fee and this alarming evidence helped Moore to establish his points.

Moore's answers to the tribulations that are faced on healthcare by the US residents

Michael Moore has rebelliously remarked that United States, which has one of the richest familial wealth of the world, should go for immediate outsourcing of her healthcare services to a collectivist nation, which has a limited resource of healthcare facilities. This is because, as per him the country, that cannot provide medical facilities properly to her men and whose patients have to move out to distant lands for obtaining healthcare services, should definitely need to practice such an outsourcing. This comment is the outburst of the emotions of Moore, which evolved because of the repeated denials of medical facilities that were made to Moore and his men inside the U.S.

A number of doctors, economists, politicians and many others are using their heads to quickly find a way out to the troubles of healthcare issues in the U.S. A lot of plans are being devised to control the soaring expenditure on healthcare facilities and medical treatment. Although many of these plans have been put into action, but the problem is that many of the residents of the country are still unacquainted of the advantages which they can obtain from these plans.

Health Savings Account: A probable solution to curtail rising costs of medical treatment

In the year 2003, the proposal for setting up Health Savings Account (HSA) was laid, when different companies and organizations of the United States was running through financial doldrums. Many of the company's employers' minimized healthcare advantages for their workers which caused severe tribulations. Lots of workers lost their group healthcare polices that were provided to them by their employers. At that time HSA, the pioneering consumer driven health insurance polices was launched by the company employers in association with a health insurance plan, which runs on the high deductible scheme. It was termed as High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). It created a permanent health account for the employees and provided similar advantages as obtained through the IRAs'.

When evaluated with the old plans of HMO's and PPO's, an enrollment to an HDHP seemed to be much profitable. This is because in this, the high deductible that is upfront by the customer every year gets easily compensated by the sum of the low premiums paid per year. In addition to this there are two more advantages that can be obtained from HDHP. They are as follows:

  • Once the smallest amount of deductible is paid by the customer, then he/she could reap the advantages of the HDHP in case any urgent health treatment is necessary, or the customer has met any serious accidents.
  • HDHP's are much more volatile in imposing stipulations than compared with the PPO's and HMO's when consulting a doctor is necessary, whose services are not within the coverage of the latter's' plans. HDHP's goes against these stipulations and allows their customers to consult any doctor or healthcare clinic of their choice, whenever medical treatment is required. A big incentive is offered to these doctors and clinics which ultimately reduces the final payments of customers, when seeking medical care.

The inclusion of the Health Savings Account plan in the year 2003 is an important event in the healthcare history of the United States Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans. Those candidates who become eligible to get HDHP's are also entitled to get a HSA, an account that makes all the money deposits and withdrawals (for healthcare expenditure) of the customer completely free of income taxes. Another most important benefit of having an HSA is that they offer complete portability. This means that they will remain throughout the entire life period of the person, although he/she turns jobless. This portability becomes much beneficial for candidates and allows them to withdraw money anytime, whenever any medical treatment, doctor consultation or hospitalization is necessary.

Effect of Moore's Documentary film on the Healthcare system

About 50 million residents of the United States who have no health insurance, and those who are left uninsured because of their limited financial power to purchase a healthcare plan, have been alarmed as they came to see Michael Moore's Documentary, 'Sicko'. Still many more people who belong to the same category mentioned above are on the process of getting aware. It is anticipated that Moore's 'Sicko' will probably persuade the authority of the healthcare departments of the country, politicians and leaders, doctors and other medical practitioners to refurbish their outlook on the healthcare issues of the nation, and to take some positive steps to modify the current situation from getting detrimental even further. May be in the mere future more plans would be introduced, which will allow people with low income and budget to afford a quality health insurance.

The different health insurance companies, healthcare authorities and the Medicaid plans funded by the Government of the country should go hand in hand, to find a solution to reduce the expenditure on healthcare and medical services, and to enhance the quality of the healthcare standard. But for the time being, a health insurance plan should be implemented that could be afforded by all and which should cover all the standard medical expenses of an individual. Those people who are without any health insurance policy are destined to face some of the following problems described below, whenever any healthcare services are necessary:

  • Due to absence of proper treatment and money to obtain treatment, it would lead to the further augmentation of the disease or the accident condition met by the uninsured patients.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes deny patients to get admitted to their place, until and unless the patient has met any serious injury or disease that requires immediate treatment, or until the hospital bills are paid completely by the patient's family members.
  • Uninsured patients have higher percentage of deaths recorded so far.

So in this time a modification to the current plans and healthcare system is highly necessary, otherwise a tremendously disastrous situation is probable in the destiny of millions of residents of the nation.

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