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The impact of Allergies on Human Life

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The impact of Allergies on Human Life

The impact of Allergies on Human Life

There are different things that ranges from dust particles to food items which cause allergies to certain people. But other people may not get any allergies when they come in contact with these things.

Allergy Fact File

Allergies are in fact a problem or irritation that results in the human body, when it comes in contact with something. Human body's immune system is said to be hypersensitive to the things, to which the human being is allergic to. But on the other hand, many people's body turns out to be non sensitive to the same 'allergy causing things'. This means allergy varies from person to person, and the thing which causes allergy in one human body may not cause same reactions to the other person. It has been seen that those people who are allergic to a particular thing, turns out to be sensitive to other things also. Many of these things includes dust particles, bugs and insects bites, pollen and molds, animals, food items, medicines and certain drugs etc. Researchers point out that the environment in which a human being lives, and also his/her genetic constitution is responsible for making the person to acquire allergies. In many of the cases it has been seen that the patients immune system generates a fake warning to combat microorganisms, which causes the body to acquire allergy. Some of the popular indications of allergies that are found in patients are sneezing and running noses, rashes in different parts of the skin, inflammation of skin, itching, burning sensation, breathing troubles, reddishness of eyes and noses etc.

Allergies can be diagnosed and traced with the help of certain medical tests commonly called as allergy tests. In these tests, a person's entire medical background is examined initially by the doctor or the allergy specialist. The patient is also required to narrate his/her experiences of body reactions during the time of allergies, and the medical treatment that is taken to prevent that. The allergy specialist also test the patient's body's reaction when comes in contact with other so called allergy causing things. This is done to examine the body's allergic tendencies and immune systems reaction to different allergic substances. Tests are done to determine if there is any side effect that occurs in the patient's body simultaneously with the occurrence of allergy. The patient may also have to go through skin and blood examinations if required.

Impact of allergies on Health Insurance

Those people who have health insurances and are allergic may have to suffer a bit. This is because; few healthcare plans provide cover for allergy treatment and related expenses for the required medications. Seldom, some health insurance polices including the HMO's (Health Maintenance Organizations) extend their coverage for allergy treatment. Many policies have pre defined rules centering chronic status and allergy medications. Therefore it is suggested to opt for a healthcare plan that provides cover for such body disorders.

How to combat with Allergies and avert them from occurring

There are different ways of fighting with allergies. Many doctors and allergy specialists are found to treat their patients with Decongestants, which seems to decrease the swollen areas of the body and provide blood to the blood capillaries present in the nasal region. Certain allergies are also treated with the use of MDI's or Metered-Dose Inhalers, which helps in inflating the bronchial chambers thus minimizing irritations during allergies. The use of Antihistamines is also common, which seems to minimize sneezing and running noses and other nasal irritations. The medications and drugs that are used to treat allergies increase the tolerance of human body towards allergy causing substances. Specialized forms of allergy treatment helps in tracing the original source of allergies, and then take necessary steps to annihilate the allergy causing tendency.

However a person who has allergic tendencies to certain substances can take the following preventive measures:

  • Coating the walls of their houses with thick wall paints.
  • Avoiding use of toss pillows also prevents allergies from occurring. Such pillows easily capture dust particles within them thus causing allergy.
  • It has been found that decorative and stylish lamps often collect dust particles within them. This needs to be replaced with plain and simple ones to minimize the accumulation of dust particles.
  • Allergic patients should install solid and rigid floors in their houses to prevent it from getting dusty.
  • Patients should keep the windows and wall outlets closed for most of the time in all seasons, especially during spring time. Air conditioning must be adopted. This prevents entry of insects, pollen and molds, dust mites that causes allergy.
  • One should also maintain a barricade between plants and mats, carpets, curtains.

It is essential to take adequate and required medications when allergy affects a person. But if the patient already adopts the required preventive measures from the very beginning, then it might stop allergy from occurring further and enable the person to stay healthy.


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