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The Impact of Divorce on Health Insurance

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The Impact of Divorce on Health Insurance

The Impact of Divorce on Health Insurance

A divorce is in fact one of the hardest periods, if it comes in the life of any person. An individual who undergoes a divorce, encounter lots of changes and alterations in his/her life. There are many issues which need to be rebuilt. One of these is the health insurance that seems to create more tribulations. A married person with a health insurance policy will find it troublesome to continue getting coverage from the same policy after divorce. Many people who are undergoing a similar case, generally get anxious to know about how a divorce can cast an effect on their healthcare policy. On the other hand, many divorcees are also worried enough to find out, how they can acquire a new coverage at a cheaper rate by retaining their present health insurance policy. However there are many ways and solutions to obtain healthcare coverage, which are available for people who are going through a divorce.

The impact of divorce on healthcare plans

Before determining the effect of divorce on a person's healthcare policies, it is important to know about the sort of health insurance that the person possess. In case a person possess a health insurance individually or through group healthcare plans that was provided to the person by his/her recruiter, then the person can sit an relax, as because in such a case there will be null impact of the divorce on his/her healthcare plans. But in case a person gets coverage by means of his/her partner's healthcare policy after marriage, then there are of things to worry about. The healthcare coverage and all services ceases, as soon as the divorce is legally announced by the court. This is because, after marriage you get completely separated from all the relations that you had with your spouse, and so consequently the coverage also gets concluded.

Healthcare plans after divorce

In case you are running through your own divorce, and used to have the cover of your partner's healthcare policy when married, then look out for the different choices which you have in your hand as because once the divorce is complete, you will loose your previous health insurance cover. Fortunately, there are alternatives and choices that are available to get a healthcare plan's coverage in such a case. Some of the options are described below:


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act that is popularly known as COBRA is a federal rule, which allows people to continue their health care policies under extreme conditions. One of these conditions is divorce. In this case COBRA can empower the person (who had his/her own healthcare policy during or after marriage and have recently met a divorce) to get the same coverage from his/her respective healthcare policy, just by paying a certain amount of money as premium. This is at present the top rated and the most chosen option for people who undergo a divorce. If you fit the same situation then utilize COBRA, as it completely frees you from the tension of finding a new healthcare policy, undergoing further medical tests and sufficing the required eligibility criteria, fill up a long queue of documents and complete various other formalities. The only thing which you need is do is to pay the premium to continue enjoying the benefits of your previous health insurance policy. However, the COBRA terms allow you to enjoy your old health insurance plan's coverage for up to a specific time period. After that your policy will expire.

Choosing a new health insurance policy

In case you feel that you do not want to continue your old health insurance policy, that was there prior to your divorce or if the terms of the COBRA don't suits your requirements, then you have a final option, and that is to look out for a new healthcare policy from a new insurance provider. This will be advantageous for those who want to have a personally customized health care policy, and desires to initiate everything with a whole new beginning. But in case you agree to such a decision then you will have to abide by certain stipulations. Some of these stipulations are like undergoing medical tests, submit the required documents and fill up lots of forms and legal documents, enquire about the exact coverage of medical services by the policy, restating your own medical problems and so on. But if you are able to complete all these tiresome processes with enough patience, then you can end up with having a brand new healthcare policy in your own hands. That is indeed a good thing you acquire at last!


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