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The impact of Skin Cancer on Human Life

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The impact of Skin Cancer on Human Life

The impact of Skin Cancer on Human Life

Getting to know about Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of those types of cancer that is common among most of the inhabitants of the United States at present. Considering the different types of cancer cases that are common in these patients, skin cancer dominantly covers 50% of the quota. Skin Cancer is divided into two kinds. The first type of skin cancer is called Melanoma. This is the most lethal type of skin cancer whose occurrence is quite rare among patients. Among all the skin cancer cases traced so far, 4% of the patients are found to have Melanoma skin cancer. Even after diagnosis and right kind of medical treatment, 75% of the Melanoma case patients fall prey to death. The other type of skin cancer that is much common in patients is non-Melanoma. Every year, United States alone accounts for more than 1 million cases that reports non-Melanoma skin cancer. It is the males, who have a greater tendency to become a victim to non-Melanoma skin cancer than the females.

People who can get affected with Skin Cancer

The biggest news is that many people develop skin cancer during the time of summer because of various reasons. However skin cancer affects people depending on their contact with the sun rays, ancestral history, body skin types and many other reasons. Those people who have a greater vulnerability to skin cancer exhibits the similar features mentioned below:

  • The Melanin pigment that is found in the skin of human beings helps in protecting the human skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. Those who belong to the Caucasian races are found to have a greater tendency to get affected with skin cancer as because they posses a reduced amount of the melanin pigment.
  • Many people, who have a greater exposure to the sunrays from a very younger stage, develop light brown spots and sunburns on the slightest contact with sun rays; have increased chances of developing skin cancer.
  • Skin cancer also depends on the ancestral background of a person to occur. It is often found a person to develop skin cancer any of whose grandparents had skin cancer too.
  • The contact with any materials or chemicals that is poisonous to the human skin, application of radiation, or even the exposure to subcategories of human papilloma viruses can cause skin cancer to occur.

Protection from skin cancer through Sunscreen

With the application of sunscreen lotions or by putting on a sunscreen can prevent the entry of the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun from damaging the skin. Even those people who develops sunburns or freckles show a greater susceptibility to skin cancer, should wear sunscreen for protection and preventing them from occurring.

Health Insurance coverage doubted for people with skin cancer

There are instances that report the denial of health insurance policies for people whose family members or ancestors had skin cancer. Nowadays, the medical history of people and their families are checked thoroughly before a health insurance policy is offered to them.

Therefore, one who has similar case histories as mentioned above may need to make a tough search for a health insurance plan, which is reasonable and easy to obtain. Those people in whom skin cancer has been traced after medical tests, and who are devoid of any health insurance policy, will also find tough to get such insurance. Therefore, in order to find a good health insurance program that covers such a disease treatment, one has to search for governmental health insurance plans, or from among specialized health insurance policies offered by the private insurance organizations.


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