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The miracles of Employee Assistance Programs

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The miracles of Employee Assistance Programs

The miracles of Employee Assistance Programs

The Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) has provided so far huge benefits for a company and large organizations just from the day of its inception. Studies and researches that were carried on in this regard, reveals since the launch of the EAP, employees show a lesser tendency to remain absent in the office. Moreover they are also found to generate greater appeal for doing work thus augmenting the company’s annual work output.

EAP in limelight during the Tragedy at Virginia Tech University

Every one of us is well acquainted with the Virginia Tech University’s Tragedy that occurred on April, 2007. The EAP became the popular point of controversy surrounding the tragedy. As per the rules of the EAP, it allows employees to think about their own welfare, address their grievances and to build up a safer place of work. The proponents of EAP pointed out that if further developments are made to EAP, then it will help in averting similar tragedies to happen in the mere future. The person (Seung-Hui Cho), who was mainly accused for causing the Virginia Tech tragedy, was sent for counseling on the basis of EAP. This has led many people who were against the EAP to remark that if EAP is applied further, it will allow employees to get rescued from legal issues on psychological grounds under the terms of EAP, similar to what happened in the case of the Virginia Tech Tragedy.

What’s actually the Employee Assistance Program is?

In order to deal with the various pressures (mental, personal or psychological) that are executed on the employees, the employers of big companies has introduced the Employee Assistance Programs for their workers and employees. This works as a special counseling session, which is offered to employees allowing them to deal with different pressures and problems. These problems may have been created automatically or intentionally, through personal problems or through the tribulations at the workplace that has lead to through anxiety, depression and frustration. Employees are also seen to show a negative attitude towards work due to these reasons.

Through the expert guidance and counseling of EAP, it is possible to point out the problems and grumbles and eradicate them successfully. This will lead to the mental development of the employees and will also help them to do work energetically leading to increased productivity for the company. The EAP programs cover almost all sorts of employee related problems and thus individual employee problems can be addressed successfully.

Mental Health Coverage vs. EAP

Many people often mix EAP with Mental Health Coverage as they are similar in operations and benefits provided. EAP deals with addressing the employee’s mental and psychological problems by an EAP counselor and then referring the employee to a specialist. While on the other hand Mental Health Coverage when introduced as an add-on version of the company’s health insurance service, allows employees to go to a specialist by themselves without getting counseled by an EAP counselor.

EAP and Mental Health Coverage are extra packages and add-on services that are provided to the employees of a company. For this an employers needs to buy the packages from third party associates after entering into an agreement.

However, Employee Assistance Programs are mainly found to be provided in those companies which are big organizations, those who have good turnover’s and have hundreds or more employees working under it. Companies like Apple Computer; Campbell’s Soup are thus found to provide EAP packages to their staffs and employees. It is a rare thing to find EAP services for small companies, and this is the fact that is disapproved by many business experts.

How the Employee Assistance Programs have influenced companies and employees so far?

Employees of different companies who have to handle a lot of work at the same time and pass though a weak mental condition are hugely benefitted by EAP packages. Through expert counseling they are able to deal with their personal problems, work pressures in the most winning ways, and are able to do work in the company with utmost energy and efficiency. This has thus helped the companies to get increased work output from their employees thus accounting to their financial profit. Moreover through the EAP counseling, companies are also able to obtain employees and workers with an unwavering mind and positive attitude.


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