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Trainee Doctors offering free healthcare services to poor people

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Trainee Doctors offering free healthcare services to poor people

Trainee Doctors offering free healthcare services to poor people

A Duluth-based health clinic has been set up by medical and pharmacy students to offer free and low-cost healthcare services, mainly for the poor and to those who are devoid of any health insurance. These students work here as trainee doctors under the guidance of practiced doctors and pharmacists and offer care services once a week. This article enumerates the details about the clinic's operations and its advantages for the patients.

Some times ago, the concept of free healthcare services was launched in different parts of the United States, but because of the rise of healthcare costs and absence of facilities, the concept was on the verge of obliteration. However, recently a health clinic lead by medical students has been established in Duluth that provides quality healthcare based on the similar concept mentioned above, to the poor people and to those who do not have any health insurance.

From October 2008, the UMD's College of Pharmacy and the University of Minnesota Medical School in Duluth are found to run a health clinic in the middle of the downtown area near the Churches United in Ministry. Since then the clinic has started its operation and now in the month of February 2009, it is found to operate in full swing. The clinic opens on Tuesdays only in every week from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Here the pharmacy and medical students of both the colleges treat patients and carry out different diagnosis as trainees under the observation of registered doctors and pharmaceutical professionals. Many of the patients who come here are found to be affected with asthma, lung disorders, bronchitis, hypertension, pregnancy, liver troubles and even with some heart diseases and are treated with utmost care and attention.

This health clinic lives chiefly on the financial contribution obtained from Maurices Corp. and also from different Universities. Medicines and drugs are offered by Pasek Pharmacy of Duluth absolutely at no cost to this clinic. The trainee students from both Pharmacy and Medical branches carry on treatment in close cooperation with the patients. It is being expected by them that sooner or later, the students at the College of St. Scholastica will lay their cooperation to the clinic and will offer physical and occupational treatment facilities to the patients.

In this clinic, the trainee medical students converse with the certified doctors on various diseases, patients' medical records, disease screenings etc. while the trainee pharmacy students consult with the pharmacists, about the drugs and medicines that are required for the precise treatment of specific patients. Plus, they also instruct the patients on the proper dosages of such medications, after they are recommended by the pharmacists.

As per the students, the health clinic provides them the ideal exposure to put their gathered knowledge into practical application. They believe that classroom teaching alone cannot teach them the way of treating patients, whereas this health clinic offers them such an hands-on training approach in a real-life scenario. The associate dean of Rural Health at UMD, Dr. Ray Christensen; also believes in such a medical training approach. As per him the knowledge gathered through this stays with them throughout their life. It really helps in inculcating in them the correct idea of diagnosis of disease and prescribing the right medications for certain disorders. In addition to this a practice also offers free and low-cost treatment to the people who can't afford expensive healthcare services.

The medical students follow the concept of team-working, while they work in this clinic. They don't play the role of primary-care physicians. They formulate their own care plan, course of action and consult with their patients that lead to the development personal interaction that helps in their treatment indirectly. The clinic has established close association with different healthcare agencies where the patients are sometimes referred, in case special treatment is required or if the case is an emergency one. The students also helps these patients in filling up forms and questionnaire while getting admitted in different hospitals, nursing homes or for doing certain medical tests and screenings.

CHUM was selected depending on the health care requirements for the number of low-income and uninsured people, it offers to. The chairwoman of the Department of Family Medicine at the Duluth medical school, Dr. Ruth Westra has commented that her school's students are very much keen to practice training at a place where the patients will receive the most ideal form of healthcare treatment.

The existing health clinic at Duluth is the result of the transformation of an apartment house, because of the activities and initiatives of the medical and pharmacy students. About 3 years went in the building reconstruction, arrangement of equipments and medical set-up process - the prolific result of which is evident at present.

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