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Travelling bus tour reveals exorbitant expenses of Medicare

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Travelling bus tour reveals exorbitant expenses of Medicare

Travelling bus tour reveals exorbitant expenses of Medicare

Recently, a bus tour was organized by research companies to expose the agony of the Medicare consumers to pay up Medicare costs and for other medications. This article reports the fact in details.

Medicare has made big news finally! Researchers claims that most of the Medicare consumers are not able to pay up the costs of Medicare, because it's comparatively huge than their income.

On February 4, 2009 a travelling bus bearing the name of "Help is Here Express" was seen in Downtown Area. The bus journey was arranged by the pharmaceutical research organizations, which formulated the Partnership for Prescription Assistance program.

The travelling bus and the trip was a means to point out the exorbitant expenses that are needed to be made by a consumer if he/she has to avail Medicare coverage. Another motive of this tour was to search for inexpensive and complimentary prescription drugs.

The research that was conducted by this trip enumerated some typical results. Due to the rise in prices of the prescription drugs, it is impossible for people to get coverage for such expenses. There are people suffering from various health disorders and have Medicare coverage, are still required to spend extra money (ranging from $100-$150) every month for buying such medicines. These people have much lesser monthly income and that is why they generally find it difficult to pay for Medicare premiums and spending extra for the medicines.

Many of these consumers have reported that though they have Medicare coverage; they are sometimes required to pay additionally for availing many of medical treatments, one of which is mentioned above. They have even urged for financial assistance to help them pay for such expenses.

Therefore, the question that arises is that why people have to pay such a higher price for availing Medicare? Again, even after paying for Medicare, why do they have to pay for several healthcare treatments?

To add to the pain, most of the Medicare receipts are either unemployed or have retired, that makes it hard to afford Medicare coverage and other expenses.

So now, availing financial assistance to pay Medicare costs, controlling the rise of prices of medicines, bringing reforms in the present healthcare conditions are some of the prime questions that are posed before the Government. People severely want Congress and the Senates to take some positive steps in this regard.

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