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Treatment with Alternative Medicines

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Treatment with Alternative Medicines

Treatment with Alternative Medicines

Alternative Medicine

Any medicine or treatment procedure that is not listed in the conventional and usual type of medical treatment procedures is referred as Alternative Medicine. This means that M.D, D.O. or any other standard medical degree owned doctors and therapists doesn’t treat their patients with alternative medicines. However, there are some special medical professionals who practice alternative medicine treatments. Some of them are like acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic, massages, herbal therapy and others.

Generally, 4 principal types of alternative medicine treatment procedures are followed. These include, Whole Medical Systems, Biologically based procedures, Mind-Body Medicine, Manipulative and Body Based Practices.

Alternative Medicine and Complimentary medicine- Are they same or different?

Many consider complimentary medicine treatment and alternative medicine treatment as the same. But there is a little distinction between the two. Complementary medicine treatments are those alternative treatment procedures and medicines which are used in combination with the usual medical treatment. This means an M.D. or D.O can prescribe his/her patients, the standard medicines along with the requirement of massages or aromatherapy etc. On the other hand an alternative medicine treatment example refers to a patient avoiding the application of chemotherapy and instead of that, following a particular diet for the treatment of cancer.

Conventional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

There is now a big fight between alternative medicine and conventional medicine. Sometimes the former gains superiority over the latter and sometimes the latter shows miracles in treatment of patients, which was not feasible with the application of alternative medicine. But doctors are now on the motive to use alternative treatment procedures along with the use of conventional medicines as their combination may work wonders.

Health Insurance coverage on Alternative medicine treatments- Is it possible?

To say it correctly, there is hardly any health insurance company that provides cover on alternative medicine treatment today. But recently some companies put forward health insurance policies that cover complimentary medical treatments. Both conventional medicines and alternative medicines that were enclosed in the age-old water tight compartments now seem to meet each other, and soon the border line between the two is going to get erased. So, health insurance companies will have no other option but to provide insurance coverage for alternative medicine in the mere future very soon!


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